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‘Maintaining the Strong Qualities’
Brian Jewell Reminds Us of Those Who Help us on Our Way
My fellow Baltimorean and combatant, Brian, a Wing Chun teacher under my friend Arturo Gabriel, the Chicorican on the cover of The Logic of Steel, has logged a heartfelt ethergram for a man who helped him on his way.
Before checking out Brian’s ode, I would like to take the chance to thank all of the men who helped me on my combative way, those who have passed from this life and those from whose life I have thoughtlessly passed, for I have abandoned a number of masculine mentors and colleagues in my quest as a writer. These men either trained me or gave me free training space or taught me how to train others. Without all of them I would not be the hard-headed heathen I am today.
Red’s Foley—passed
Mister Joe—passed
Old Mo—passed
Ed Jones
Arturo Gabriel
Rich Peterson
“Irish” Johnny Coiley
Jim Sofley
Jim Fredericks—passed
David Lumsden
Kevin Lumsden
Damien Kestle
Tom Clark
Chris Clark
Sensei Steve Jansen
Charles Wallace
Coach Jim—passed before his time
Maestro Bob Light
Master Edgar Livingston
Ron Lygren
Referee Johnny V.
Jimmy Hines—passed
Frank Gilbert—passed
Coach George—passed
Aaron Seligson—beat me in 34 stick fights, and then coached me briefly
Rico Arus—beat me in 3 stick-fights, and then coached me thrice, cornering for me in Virginia Beach
Matt Graham
Master Lee Dinateli
Chuck Goetz
Sean Glass
For most of these men, they loom far larger in my life, than I in theirs, and there one finds humility waiting in every-self-shaded corner of the ego.
Brian, thanks for reminding me I had neglected to honor these men.

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hassan i sabbahJan 17, 2020

Michael Echanis
responds:Jan 17, 2020

Thank you.
Ruben ChandlerJan 18, 2020

Why know Hassan?
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