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‘Boot and Shoot’
A Parting Look at Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America by Thomas W. Chittum
© 2020 James LaFond
1996, Geodisc, Las Vegas, NV, 203 pages
[written in mid-November 2019]
Thanks to Nero the Pict for the loan of this fascinating book.
Chittum wrote this book over 20 years ago, which means his timeline is probably not going to work out, but just might, as he predicts the Civil War kicking off in 2020. Well, even from this vantage that is not a bad pick and makes him better at near future predictions than most science-fiction writers. Chittum comes off as caring more for his racial fellows than others, but is very sympathetic to men who will be stuck on the other side of the widening racial divide, giving a couple of scenarios showing how ebony warriors will be fucked over by the U.S. Government they serve, even as federal employees. His weak spot is a nagging idea that good men within the power structure will undermine oppression of their fellows. He does throw this out as more of a hope than a probability.
Chittum understands power and military action in civil circumstances and his possible outcomes for America include:
An ethnostate breakup via war
A peaceful ethnostate partition
A successful imposition of imperial, factional tyranny
He made astute observations about events leading to civil war, although I still think civil war is too strong a term and think that Uncivil War is more likely. His use of Brazil as a model is, in my view, valid and the only reason I continue to view Miss BumBum Brazil YouTube videos.
Unlike most survivalist books, he does not get too much into the nuts and bolts of weathering the coming storm. Surprisingly, as a rifleman in three wars, he does not advocate having a gun handy in the home and points out that many experienced gun owners have accidental deaths and injuries due to gun ownership and points to personal experience. The handgun is regarded as an utter liability and I agree, as it is militarily useless. This is, in my opinion, why government does almost nothing to protect the thousands of black Americans slaughtered by handguns every year in cities, but is obsessed with limiting the use of long guns by rural palefaces, who kill only hundreds per year, even if one includes mass shootings staged by Deep State operatives, because pistols are not going to have a military or paramilitary impact.
Chittum discusses the reason why Nato 7.62 ammo should be the rifleman’s choice and not the 5.56 ammo, pointing out that body armor worn by the police and military who will crush pale American liberty in the future negates the 5.56 as an effective combat arm, as well as placing the larger caliber round in its urban context.
The last chapter of the book, before declaring that America was already dying as a nation in 1995 and well into its transmogrification into an Empire, the author offers 36 indicators that Civil War Two is kicking off. I would amend this list, and will below, while suggesting that Pale America is so emasculated and discredited and so hated by the Deep Sate that there will be no Civil War, but rather an ethnic cleansing of palefaces, with palefaces having babies pursued to extinction at the direction of palefaces who have chosen sterility. For the hive to thrive, snow niggas need to take a huge demographic dive. Signs that the purge of palefaces is nigh will likely include:
[Note that all of the below are in various stages of implementation, so watch for increased intensity of these trends.]
-1. Racial designations on I.D. Empires always oppress the largest demographic and even into 2050 and beyond, palefaces will remain the single largest group in the nation. To run America as an empire palefaces must become second class citizens—absolutely must.
-2. Additional security measures on I.D.
-3. Travel permission designations on I.D.
-4. Racially split juries
-5. News stories focused on racial injustice rather than government injustice
-6. The characterization of Deep State operatives as “public servants” as they are in fact the overseer class
-7. Military equipage of police
-8. Use of military as police
-9. Failure of local police and replacement and/or augmentation by federal police
10. Increase in drug war activity, as the drug war was instituted as a training ground for domestic oppression agencies
-11. Firearms restrictions and “Red flag” laws
-12. Increased importance of federal judiciary over elected officials
-13. Use of military contractors domestically [New Orleans, Katrina], Baltimore 1015
-14. Elite military unit formation under direct control of non-military agencies
-15. Increased political protests
-16. Political street fighting
-17. NGOs being used as security and police and being awarded security contracts [Nation of Islam, 1990s]
-18. Replacement of individual rights [such as freedom of speech] by group rights [such as the privilege of demanding non-biological gender recognition]
-19. Recognition of international law within the homeland
-20. Release of convicted violent felons based on their non-European race, not exculpatory DNA evidence
-21. Decrease of the middle class
-22. Increase in poor, both working and unemployed, you need to have an increase in both for a real shit-show, so the state is trying to increase working poor as a way to decrease the middle class, knowing that absolute [rather than under employment] unemployment exceeding 30% will cause a cascade of social collapse, which does serve the post-national state, particularly its Deep Hand
-23. A higher proportion of non-majority people in academia, media and Deep State agencies than in the general population. Deep State agencies include all law enforcement. When the law enforcement is made up mostly of minorities, it will be time to go Yeti hunting. Until then most race hate will be academic and media expression.
-24. Successionist movements and parties
-25. An increase in race-based organizations of any kind
-26. Most critical: a failure to repeal affirmative action once non-“white” and female earnings have surpassed “white” male earnings, will signal an imminent gender-race genocide, with paleface men hunted to extinction by their own kind, just as the Sioux killed Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, the Apaches hunted down Geronimo and an Indian put a bullet into Metacomet for a Puritan Indian Hunter in 1676.
-27. Reparations for African-American slavery
-28. No-go zones in urban areas where police are not safe to operate, such as in Baltimore and Malmo
-29. Voting district restructuring
-30. More gated communities
-31. Increased use of foreign nationals in military and police
-32. Sociological government agencies, such as unemployment and affirmative action bodies, having officers empowered to bear arms
-33. Critical: dollar collapse—when our God begins to die shit will hit the planetary fan
-34. Bilingual job requirements
-35. Americans of means [Tina Turner] and dissident thinkers [she needs me!] leaving the nation
-36. Watch for images of civil war in America, in the news, on network TV, as these increase so do we draw closer to the paleface sunset.
Note: if you are a non-paleface this might sound good. However, be warned, that the images of killer rednecks hunting your kind down in TV, movies and comics, which have not matched reality since the 1950s will come true, is the actual goal of our government. Once yeti-kind is being hunted to extinction by your government, than you will be about as safe in those currently peaceful and crime free areas of America which you now seek residency in, as Korean liquor store owner is in 2020 Philadelphia, where it is against the law to have safety glass to protect against armed robbers, because it is insulting to ebony sensibilities.
“Boot and shoot,” as Chittum declares, is the ethos of post-modern American law enforcement, and its coming for you, paleface—and then for the rest of you. Once the last white lamb is sacrificed on the altar its mechanistic God will thirst for goat.
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