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God Save James King
Crackpot Mailbox: Mister Bob Makes Known the Plight of Another Ivory Victim of Blue Brutality
state/federal ops
Feb 15, 2020, 9:41 PM (6 days ago)
dear mr. lafond,
this might be of interest in the light of your prediction of policing become increasingly federal over local and state.
Officers Nearly Beat Innocent College Student to Death—Then Claim Immunity from All Accountability

Thanks, Bob.
Of course, James King is a black man, right?
I mean, this only happens to bruthas, right?
The point is that when blue attacks brown it is a case of friendly fire.
The PIGS exist to keep the paleface from defending himself, and live and breath as institutions for no other reason.
Laugh at me now, then remember I told you so after I'm gone and the blue menace continues to spread and facilitate feral criminality in your home town.
Look at these goons, armed and on one man.
It was once the case that blue beat up ebony more often than ivory. But that had only three purposes:
-facilitate ivory guilt
-build ebony hate
-building police brutality as acceptable so that whoever they jack up is "the bad guy"
There is no accident that ebony on ivory violence is mechanically no different than police on civilian violence.
America is a prison.
Your neighborhood is your cell block.
The cops are the prison guards.
Federal policing will, within 20 years, include supervisory roles over all municipal police departments in the U.S.
You heard it here.
The last good cop, Juan Stabone, sent me this link below, which does chart the direction postmodern policing is taking and who will be running it.
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