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‘Identity as Parents’
Bryce Sharper and James Discuss the Christian and Heathen Perspectives of Transgenderism in Children
Transgenderism spells as a word in Word 2011.
If it is in the dictionary, as they say, it is in.
Read Bryce’s article at:
Bryce makes a very sound, fundamental argument for why a father should not, on a masculine level permit his son to mutilate himself into a meat-puppet cartoon of a woman, sterilizing the family line. This argument is discredited by everything in popular media, as patriarchy is viewed as entirely evil and the only moral authority in post-modernism is either collective of feminine.
Bryce’s deeper point, as a Christian, is that God’s will was practiced in the creation of that child and it is against God to alter that.
What I see, from my heathen position, is that the benevolent God of compassion of the modern Christian tradition has led us to the precipice of the Titans. For the notion of God as purely good, fairly unique to Christian thought in its modern iteration and unsupported in the Old Testament, has been subverted into the notion of Mankind as a collective greater good, for which God labored over creation, to bring man into it and nurture him. The permissive parents willing to supervise and enable their child’s mutilation into a sterile vessel of social engineering seems to me, to be a natural progression from the idea that God’s primary purpose is to create and nurture man and his environs [which is a modern interpretation] into the idea that man can attain godhood and self-create, placing the secular humanist parents of such medicalized moral livestock in the position of the Titans, of an elder race, displaced in their wan dotage by a new notion of divinity.
I absolutely agree that transgenderism stands against all ancient notions of God. However, the notion of surgical self-creation, in which the guardians of life [the medical establishment] serve as the proxy actors of the aspiring Godhead who seeks to create himself anew through a passive expression of will, is in all ways deeply religious, doctrinal and vested in a universality of belief pioneered by the Romans and carried down to us via the idea of a Christendom which knows no cultural, language, racial or gender boundaries and is all inclusive and encompassing to include all who wish to belong and put their faith in something greater.
Will this aberration pass?
Not so long as there exists medical technology sufficient to perpetuate it and give the State and the Corporation the means to usurp the parent as the link between God and Child.
Look at the control the Plantation, then State and now Corporate hierarchies have gotten through racial and ideological strife placing co-existent populations at once under their control forever and at each-others’ throats. Until now there were only two genders to play off against each other, resulting in globalism as voted in by fearful women folk. Imagine now with 64 genders how much strife can be generated and special privileges set aside for the ascendant and ever-dividing moral elites.
Then imagine the end-game, a world where corporations control all human reproduction. Then will the desire of every lost little atheist to be his or her own god result in a very real and present God of Things ruling over its medicalized property, its corporately chosen people, ranked in honor according to the level of medical commitment they owe to their very real creator.
Bryce, transgenderism is corporate fundamentalism, the Holy Grail of the System of Control, a covenant between the self-chosen atomized soul and the wolfish shepherd dedicated to his devourment.
We should not underestimate it.
My science-fiction treatment of this subject is most explicit in Organa:
Organa: The Malfunction of Tray Sorenson
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Bryce SharperMar 2, 2020

"Bryce, transgenderism is corporate fundamentalism, the Holy Grail of the System of Control, a covenant between the self-chosen atomized soul and the wolfish shepherd dedicated to his devourment."

That's part of it. The other part of it is spiritual, as you alluded to. Androgyny is the pagan sexual ethic:

"Carl Braaten defines the contemporary revival of paganism–what he calls “neopaganism”–as:

[the belief in] “a divine spark or seed [which] is innate in the individual human soul. Salvation consists in liberating the divine essence from all that prevents true self-expression. The way of salvation is to turn inward and ‘get in touch with oneself.’ “"
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