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Tracking Plantation America
Reader Update 3/8/2020
The series I could once not sell a copy of is now become an item of some interest among my readership. Support for this project through patreon has been steadily dwindling due to patrons taking offense at some project findings. That goes with the territory when one deals in unbinding the lies of our collective cocoon.
Below are the particulars concerning my work on Plantation America.
Each listing will have year of publication, or year of projected publication in brackets, followed by the page count, and in the case of unfinished works the existing chapter count and word count, with a percentage indicating how much of the work is represented by these figures.
Stillbirth of a Nation: 2016, 486 pages, 92, 470 words
America in Chains: 2016, 392 pages, 62,343 words
Into Wicked Company: 2016, 152 pages, 15,140 words
A Bright Shining Lie at Dusk: 2016, 322 pages, 49,477
So Her Master May Have Her Again: 2017, 306 pages, 46,621 words
So His Master May Have Him Again: 2017, 351 pages, 48,422 words
The Lies that Bind Us: 2017, 329 pages, 48,202 words
Cracker-Boy: 2018, 686 pages, 107,451 words
The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: 2019, 311 pages, 52,526 words
Sold—A Novel of Plantation America: 2020, 169 pages, 25,335 words
American Spartacus: 199 chapters, 170,000 words, [2021], 50%... this is already longer than Cracker-Boy and there will be maps, So I am expecting to come in at between 1,200 and 1,400 pages for a twin-volume set to be completed at the end of 2020.
The Thirteenth Tribe: 21 chapters, 21,000 words, [2022], 20%
Plantation America—A History Denied: 23 chapters, 11,900 words, [2023], 10%
Bound—A Novel of Plantation America: in outline form, [2023]
Thank you for your support.
James LaFond, 3/8/2020, 1:19 PM
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