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‘Remember 911’
Said the Man in the Bar Behind Me Musing Behind This System Test
As the Hawaiian behind me points out to us that during the 911 attacks [which I believe were Deep State attacks on the American people with the objective being The Patriot Act] that air travel was suspended, I wonder at the increased elasticity of the Deep State brain on this count. For I also believe the Deep State—particularly the Criminal Insemination Agency –to be behind the spread of the Corolla virus.
Who hates who?
Who is getting hit by this thing?
China, who the Deep State sees as Enemy #1
Iran, who the Deep State sees as enemy #2.
Deep State Enemy #3 is the Orange Man, stock market braggart—who seems to be immune—yet the stock market he points to as his crown jewel and his boomer voters, are taking the brunt of the U. S. hit.
How different is plaguing boomer voters than shooting Gen-X Country Music goers in Vegas?
This plan was pure genius.
Back to the planes.
People call me every day, worried about my shredded lungs and my extended train trip back from Oregon through California and to the east.
I tell them, that I might end up having to stay put due to train cancelations and state quarantines. But more than that, since the Corolla virus hit Portland two weeks ago, I have lain, during my daily 12-16 hour sleeps between writing, and listened, as, every 15 minutes, another Jet, most headed east, rockets out of Portland over my yurt, faster than a sneeze. Dude, this shit is going to be waiting for me wherever I go! It has been being exported at the speed of sound from LA, Frisco, Portland and Seattle for weeks!
If the goboment was worried about halting the spread of this disease rather than hoping it would cull as many of us proles as possible, they would have cancelled all airline flights a month ago and stopped this thing. But they want it—they fucking engineered it, planted it, spread it and are fanning the flames of hysteria.
Lynn says Twatter folks have been asking me about grocery store conditions.
I no longer go to grocery stores. I go to a dollar store and gourmet organic grocer, for $5 in canned meat and cheese and $5 in fresh produce a week.
What I can say is that a run this long has never happened locally, let alone regionally and when it has it has been due to a snow scare or a holiday and then the snow or holiday intervenes like a referee during a TKO in progress, pulling the 20,000 customers off of us seven night crew clerks. Then the halting of transportation for customers gives the retailer a chance to get his store back in order and the supplies have always been ready, with a snow that keeps customers at home keeping them off the road twice as long as the delivery trucks. But now, with every grocer in crisis the supply chain is screwed and we are going to have to eat on less than the 20,000 food choices available at the supermarket.
If I was in Baltimore I’d be going to Pastores’s deli to buy canned beans and tomatoes and such.
My lady friends and mother and sister calling from Baltimore were all in a panic that I only spend $10 a week on food as it is. So I assured them that I spend that much in coffee and alcohol a day…
“Mom, the Corolla virus cannot survive contact with alcohol—I’m good!”
Look, fresh produce is not being hit like dry grocery and meat, neither is dairy, so buy up on butter, cheese, cabbage, carrots, turnips, garlic, stuff that keeps. A pound of coconut oil can keep you alive for weeks.
Speaking of this, just like the DOJ timed the Baltimore Riots of late April 2015, to hit after food stamp money was totally gone, at the end of the month, they waited until people got their food stamps at the beginning of March [they start coming out on the 6th], and welfare to trigger this run. Its a system test. These were the smartest kids from the best colleges that thought this shit up. Remember food stamp distribution was changed from 5th to 16th in 2015 later that year, to the present 6th thru 27th after the last system test, being a localized test-case.
Bread, rice, flour and sugar are poison and milk is for babies—who needs it?
Buy dried beans rather than canned.
Overall, the largest outlets will be the retailers hardest hit and will see the most violence and theft on their parking lots.
Visit the local grocer and see what he has. Look at price, shelf life, fat content [you want the fat] and vitamin A, B and C values and buy what you can.
If I get stranded here alive and run out of booze, I have three pounds of barley left at my host’s house from last year that ought to make a nice gruel, and I might have to rethink my relationship with the crow that lives on the roof of the garage…
Me, I’m going to the 7-11 to buy a case of beer and a few bottles of wine.
I’ll hit the bank and buy the rum tomorrow.
I’ve got three novels to finish and two novelettes to write—no sense in writing alone…especially when I’m alone…

Retail and wholesale food system shock was inevitable.
It's a money-washing scheme before it is food distribution.
Some more items. I cannot copy the twitter comments and questions.
-This entre food system was taken out of practical application by financial wizards behind screens who don't know what it's like to manage physical inventory and now you have what you have. This is a delusional collusion between advertisers and down-sizers.
-The Federal Government is overriding the Teamsters collective bargaining agreement which makes it illegal to force drivers to drive without rest. Now your grocery deliveries—weighing between 40 and 80,000 pounds can be expected to go out behind a nodding driver who has been on the road and behind the wheel more than 14 hours...
-Grocery execs don't know anything about grocery logistics, as a rule.
-If I was still running Bi-Rite I'd be ordering drop shipment trailers of cheap bulk remnants of over-produced retail and food service foods, like pallets of #10 cans, trailer of close dated granola bars, etc. Chain outfits do not have these connections, which are in place to serve independent grocers. If you are in Harford County, MD, go to Harvest Fare in Falston [I set that store up in 2011 and they have a big stockroom], Old Mike buys trailers in bulk in advance on most staples and never depends on standing in line behind the chain outlets.
-The just in time principle is great from behind a desk, but causes a lot of lost sales, logisticl bumps and lost product at store level. It also ups prices and makes it impossible to adjust at store level. This is why, at a chain store, my boss could not carry pickled beets [due to a slotting accident that became perpetual, some guy behind a screen who thought there was just one kind of pickled beet] and had to buy them at the corner store for four fucking years!, and we could not get dark chocolate candy bars, because of these whiz kid computer fantasies. It I also why I could always tank an adjacent chain operation as an independent by creative buying in advance. Aldis is built on this counter-logic as a way of tanking the POS-based just in time system, which is very fragile and drives prices ever upward. As a local grocer, my job was keeping prices down.
Built into the just in time model is the dictate that Halloween candy must be delivered at the end of July and takes up 20% of storage space in the back room of a just in time operation for a full quarter while it melts in the uncooled stockroom with its metal roof.
I bet Hans didn't know that. Christmas and Valentines candy are the same.
-The Just In Time fantasy is being exposed for the whiz kid goat-fuck it is. Someone should set up a Staple Food Market, with a limit of 1,000 slots and no stockroom, everything out there on sale by pallet, layer, case and unit price.
-Chain stores are the most fragile. It takes them a full year to sort out a distribution issue. Go to a local grocer and see what he has, as he pulls from a chain supplier and various independent and irregular suppliers. He has a sliding scale of options. I had one main supplier, a secondary, three specialty and three bulk shipment suppliers outside of the DSD vender selection that everybody in a given area shares.
Bread is poison so its good that those DSD suppliers fail first.
-Believe me, some where in your region, is a restaurant supplier sitting on a trailer of corn tortillas that are close dated and he's ready to let go at 10-cents a unit, but the chain guys are not allowed to deal with him—indeed the manufacturers forbid their supply-side dealers from dealing with him even if he knew they existed—and most of the independents don't have his number because they didn't buy me a drink at strip club and ask me how I always got the best prices while some luscious slut was sitting on my lap...
-Guaranteed General Mills has trailers of stuff that overran production and are being prepped for wholesale on back channels but no one can know about it outside the ghetto grocer loop because its all advertising, its not even food...
In this sick fucking Just On Time retail food world, making too much of some food item is an advertising glitch that triggers a need to short sell.
DSD means Direct Store Delivery. It is the most brand and advertising based and should fail first in a situation of actual, rather than perceived need.
How can you fix it?
Stop being a slave.
Never buy a name brand.
Make one trip and buy what you can use.
Oh yeah, starve.
Maybe the TV advertisements and label will mean less after you have discovered what your ancestors lived with.
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newtoncainMar 24, 2020

FiretrUCK yes!
DeniseApr 2, 2020

I'm glad to find your thoughts on all this Corona plannedemic stuff. I'm worried about what happens when people are out of work for a few months and finally realize this isn't going to be over quickly and they're out of money and hungry. I see far too many comments from people expecting the government to bankroll citizens until this is over.
responds: Apr 5, 2020

My thoughts on this will not often be posted. I'm burying them mostly in books that will be scantly read.
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