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Starts and Finishes
The Literary Trajectory of Cracked Pottery for 2020
I intend to begin and conclude the following:
-In the Shadow of Fright: Surfing the Pandemic on the Overton Railroad, April-August
-[Title pending]: Surfing the Pandemic on the Overton Railroad, September-December
-Cordoba Syndrome: A Novel of a Wrong Time Ago in a City not Far Enough Away
-White Sky Canoe: The Conclusion of the Sunset Saga

Works in progress that I intend to complete in 2020:
[The Filthy Few is only 8 hours of writing time from completion and, if I am breathing on this Friday, it will be done by then.]
-Beyond the Pale, a novel in progress since 2016
-Wonderfall, a novel in progress since 2012
-Red, a Maskland novelette
-Drinking with a Gay Giraffe, a Maskland novelette
-American Spartacus: Volumes 10 and 11 in the Plantation America Series, a massive, twin-volume work in progress since 2018
Pandemic permitting, I hope to return to the west coast to hunker down for the second wave of the only pandemic to ever afflict humanity.
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