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Starts and Finishes
The Literary Trajectory of Cracked Pottery for 2020
© 2020 James LaFond
I intend to begin and conclude the following:
-In the Shadow of Fright: Surfing the Pandemic on the Overton Railroad, April-August
-[Title pending]: Surfing the Pandemic on the Overton Railroad, September-December
-Cordoba Syndrome: A Novel of a Wrong Time Ago in a City not Far Enough Away
-White Sky Canoe: The Conclusion of the Sunset Saga

Works in progress that I intend to complete in 2020:
[The Filthy Few is only 8 hours of writing time from completion and, if I am breathing on this Friday, it will be done by then.]
-Beyond the Pale, a novel in progress since 2016
-Wonderfall, a novel in progress since 2012
-Red, a Maskland novelette
-Drinking with a Gay Giraffe, a Maskland novelette
-American Spartacus: Volumes 10 and 11 in the Plantation America Series, a massive, twin-volume work in progress since 2018
Pandemic permitting, I hope to return to the west coast to hunker down for the second wave of the only pandemic to ever afflict humanity.
In the Shallows of Night Complete
books in progress
In the Shadow of Fright
honor among men
broken dance
den of the ender
the gods of boxing
masculine axis
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