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Maskland Chronicles Begin
B Sirius and the Cracked Pottery: The Man from the Dog Star Checks in During the Meltdown [cause unknown]
The masks are on and the gloves are off
b Sirius

Wow, the world is finally living up to my expectations.
thanks, man.

On Mon, Apr 27, 2020 at 1:29 PM b Sirius wrote:
"The [redacted] has exposed the worst in people. With the [redacted] pandemic forcing everyone to be accountable in social distancing, suddenly peoples’ worst traits are all coming out. And for Alexis Danilo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she experienced such a situation atthe Di Bruno Bros grocery store. Shopper Alexis Danilo was minding her own business when 27-year-old Jacqueline Mcbride bumped into her. Danilo acted as anyone should, especially during a pandemic, and naturally backed away as far as she could. Keep in mind,pandemic or not, an initial reaction to anyone bumping into you might be you pulling away immediately. Nevertheless, Danilo wasn’t backing away because she was trying to insult Mcbride, she was simply backing away because she’s doing her duty in social distancing!Before Danilo could even justify why she backed away (not that she needed to), Mcbride immediately became defensive and started some sort of social distancing dispute. “I don’t have the disease,” Mcbride said, not pulling back from Danilo either. Danilo stoodup for herself and her safety by replying, “That’s rude, there’s a pandemic going on,” trying to explain that it had nothing to do with Mcbride personally, but with a citizen’s duty to remain social distancing. Next thing you know, Mcbride committed a simpleassault that got her arrested by the Philadelphia police. She pulled down her own face mask and spit on Danilo. Yes, she completely defeated the purpose of face masks being protective masks in the first place. She even tried physically fighting Danilo. Thankfully,the Philadelphia Police Department stepped in and arrived at the scene, arresting Mcbride. Apparently, this also isn’t the first time that this woman spits on someone. This Philadelphia woman had previously done the same thing to a male employee at the samegrocery store. Horrifying. The [redacted] pandemic has truly amplified peoples’ true colors. Mcbride was already wearing a mask, so why defeat the whole purpose of disinfectants selling out, wearing face masks in public, social distancing around other people,and following a stay-at-home order? I can’t tell if the pandemic is making this serial spitter act crazy or if the pandemic is exposing how crazy she might’ve always been."
-b Sirius

Yesterday, I observed from the house I am staying in Pittsburgh, a car pulled up outside and a masked person ran to the porch, set something down and ran away after ringing the doorbell, the get-away car speeding off as soon as she got in. Within the styro package was a hard-boiled egg, 2 fried sausages, some bread and a cup of applesauce.
The homeowner, an older lady, has been targeted for kindness—cause unknown but guessed at.
This was on 4/26/20 the fifth anniversary of the Baltimore Riots.

A cannot post much on the Dread Minus subject for fear of the Stazi.
In the book In the Crease of Might, currently 6,000 words in, the full account will be given.
A friend of mine recently died of possible neglect in a hospital in Maryland where he was being held prisoner because he had tested positive for the dread minus. He had a history of heart problems. His wife and sister were not allowed to be there with him to shame the staff into giving care. 2 hours after he informed his sister by phone that he had no heart monitor, she was informed that he had died of cardiac arrest. The Dread Minus is just another culling tool with many social control bonuses for the establishment.
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TonyApr 27, 2020

The difference between one who wears a mask and one who does not wear a mask is merely the level of trust that individual places in the media and government institutions.

My smart ass 11 year old told me that he now refers to it as the "Bye-Bye Boomer" virus.
responds:Apr 28, 2020

Tell the little menace that this boomer will be back.
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