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Shamdemic Survivor
Surfing the Apocalisp on the Overton Railroad: May 1-7, 2020
I have just completed this book before going into a fiction-writing retreat to finish much needed work where the world will not so needlingly interceded.
It is available from me at any time forward as a pdf with my collectable typos and homonym abuse.
The word count is 13,355 over 104 pages set in malgun gothic 12 point.
This is the length of book I would like to traffic in from here on out, in fiction and non-fiction, with 96 to 128 pages my target. 5 of the 25 chapters have or will appear online, the other 20 confined between the covers as my secret crimes.
The table of contents reads:
Elves, Cucks and Butter Babes 7
Stazzi Zonal Law 11
Breaking the Law 14
Tracking 19
Mask Church 21
‘Predictive Programing’ 24
The Bonfire 27
The Portland Front 32
‘Within a Harvester of Souls’ 34
The Governor 58
PPA 60
In the U.S. 64
An N-95 Mask 66
My Korea Doll 68
Our Keepers 69
'Band-Of-Brothers' 70
'Liberty or Death' 76
Aldis 80
Dollar Tree 82
I Guess I’m Supposed to be Dead’ 86
Deception on the Overton Railroad 87
The Show 92
‘Supremacy of the Castrated State’ 95
Idle 101
Afterword 102
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