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In 1994 Thomas Chittum was Spot On Right, the Prophet that Predicted the Gathering Night
© 2020 James LaFond
Last night my host showed me two videos.
The first was by a sheriff who recommended that citizens in his jurisdiction use their firearms to “blow” looters “back out” of their houses. This reminded me that Thomas Chittum predicted 2020 as the kickoff for America Civil #2. Based on the fact that Washington D.C. has been under siege and the 2016 election is actively being overturned before the 2020 election, through violence, and also the fact that law officers find themselves on both sides of the political divide, I’m calling it for Chittum.
Then I saw a video of a bunch of deluded, rural ghost folk in a small town outside of Seattle gathered with trucks and guns and not nearly enough masks to prevent hipster hordes from rolling over them out of the seat of sloth that is Seattle. Some of these people will receive federal visitations in the future. They have already been denied church gatherings during the shamdemic, which is one means by which the Deep State can sucker dissidents out into the open. If you must parade in place, at least cover your face.
This fiction, that the U.S. Government works for the American People, is the key leverage point, the fulcrum by which the Left will win the coming ghost war. Sure, it will help that the Left has half the ivory people and all of the ebony people on its side. But the key factor that is going to put the Right back on their heels and see them rounded up singly in their homes and at their workplaces, is that they believe that the government is on their side, when it is obvious that the president they elected is hated by the very government that he supposedly commands.
These people gave up religious services under government order.
Then, the day before many states were going to permit churches and businesses [the real American house of worship] to open up, these police-sanctioned protests broke out, with cops taking the sissy knee, governors calling for the release of ebony criminals to swell the ranks of their anti-ivory mobs…
These events indicate to me that the mind control machine just used the phony plague to test the resolve of the Christians that the government sees as their primary enemy, and when they noted that most churches complied, they decided that when the lockdown started to loosen that they would kick-off the Civil War.
You think this is overblown?
Sissy ghost people are marching for the rights of ebony felons to be immune from the law so that they can hunt me without fear of legal retribution.
These civil disobediences are taking place in the very places where the conservative ghost people declined to resist the closing of their houses of worship. This indicates that the resolve of the bantu-worshipping mobs is greater than that of the church-going man.
I firmly believe that the Deep State chose to kick-off the Civil War in May because in March and April most Christians chose not to defy their earthly master’s commandment that they alter their relationship with the Eternal. I am not a Christian. I am a heathen and regard my beliefs as older than Christianity. But the best men I know are Christians and I count myself as a Christian sympathizer.
However, all of the law enforcement literature I have read on domestic terrorism written over the past 40 years, has focused on Christian gun-owners as the enemies of this nation. Just because you Christian gun-owners regard this as your country, and have fought for it overseas, does not change the fact that the many federal law enforcement agencies in this nation see as their ultimate enemy men who are:
-Gun owners
When you stayed home from church according to unconstitutional government decrees, due to the first and only plague in human history, the people dedicated to your disarmament took note.
Sure, it seemed reasonable then.
But for a system to crush a people it only needs the assent of reasonable men.
Your measure has been taken.
Parade with your gun and one day at 4:30 A.M. you will be taken in the very same way that SPEC Ops teams take out Islamists overseas and Drug Warriors kick down doors in Baltimore City in this nation every day.
The U.S. Government let your enemies burn down the presidential church!
Indeed, as the Shamdemic kicked off, one of the first police actions in Maryland was to murder a young man in bed, who lay unarmed next to his lady, for the crime of being a known gun owner. This was nothing but an execution of a gun owner for no other reason than he was a gun owner—and since he is Caucasian, it did not make a media splash in our dark pond of delusion. Your county sheriff might talk tough. But is he really up to taking on Homo Insecurity, the Famished Banshees of Insemination, the Amoral Tyrants of Federalism and whatever other cadres of alphabet soup murderers who have trained for decades to take your guns away?
You are being reconnoitered.
At least wear a mask.
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Steve Lovett     Jun 3, 2020

I’ve read Thomas Chittum’s book twice,the book is practically a script for what’s happening so far. I believe we aren’t far from seeing battles between white and black cops,once that happens no one can doubt CW 2 is in progress.
    Jun 4, 2020

Its nice to go to the fights with a program listing sponsors and gyms!
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