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Riot Training
A Twitter Friend Runs an Article through the Cracked Pottery Filter
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Lynn Lockhart
Sat, Jun 6, 11:17 AM (1 day ago)
A twitter friend wrote this and would like your opinion.

This is a clear-thinking and responsible posting on the means by which a man might work with others in his community to defend it.
Nice article.
However, one must not assume police powers without the understanding that that will be a declaration of war against the most powerful nation in human history, the control of which has been taken in a coup, though the apostate president still totters on his podium.
First, there must be a community, so this only applies in rural settings, not urban or suburban.
In urban and suburban settings, if you organize, you will become the target of federal and race-based police attacks. Black cops will avenge black criminals. Military contractors will clear areas for resettlement of Muslims, Chinese, Latinos and Christian Nigerians.
Your gun rights are a fantasy to get you to stand up so that your head can be scythed off.
For overrun situations, where you are stuck and organizing with like-minded men will get you doxxed by wives, daughters, sons, coworkers and neighbors and result in you being dragged away at 4:30 A.M. for the crime of illegal policing—dude, the police are under attack by their managers—I suggest reading my books on such survival against teeming enemies and criminal-allied cops:
-When You're Food
-Thriving in Bad Places
-Waking Up in Indian Country
-War Drums

For rural communities, meaning the only communities, these riots have been engineered by the Deep State to get you to pose, parade and fight back with your guns, so that you can be dealt with.
Road blocks are exercises of police power.
If you do this you have gone to war with the government.
You will be rounded up and taken alone, at work, or from your bed or on the road.
This is 1865 and you are a Confederate.
The war has been won by InfoTech media coup and posture and submission.
We are living through the rape and pillage that is the right of the conquering troops.
Road block?
Cut down a tree at night in masks.
Defending your shop?
Old men get on the roof with guns and only fire if the attackers fire first.
Your young men will have to stop being soft and must stand and fight with axe handles, shovels, hammers—shields—fucking make shields!
Look at the Kiev street battles.
Intruders might be federal agents. If you kill one of those you will be wiped out.
A vicious aggressor must be part of your community or you will not be able to do the following.
Do not act as a group against an individual intruder.
The watchers must identify him.
The hitter then takes him out.
The hitter goes towards the intruder, picking up a log, a brick, a rock, a cinder block and breaks his fucking feet. The intruder is then searched to make sure he is not a fed. If he is a fed your hitter needs to take him to the local cops, admit to acting unilaterally without the knowledge or consent of others and spends the rest of his life beating up ebons in prison.
This is the price that every Latino warrior is willing to pay, and is why they are not molested.
If you have no man willing to pay this price then dissolve your community and go underground, on the overton railroad and try and breed a new generation that has what we lack—guts.
There will be no protected right to use firearms to defend your community. There never has been. It is a fiction best left alone.
The house is best defended with aluminum T-ball bats, hammers, crowbars, machetes and bowie knives.
Look into you local statutes and realize that they will be used against you, so interpret them according to the case law in your area that would be most damming to you and set up a house defense strategy.
In Maryland you can have no barbed wire, glass, etc—you are committed to doing no harm in most municipalities in defense of property.
You need a safe room that your non-combatants retreat to while the combatant produces a body in the stairway, or hallway. Once one is killed, the others will go, unless they are Latinos or cops. The noncombatants should have a pistol for last ditch defense or pre-rape suicide.
The dad or the oldest son who kills an intruder—which is the only sure way to get a mob to break and run out of your house—will be either killed or incarcerated for his crime. So, the noncombatants must have a secondary combatant to evacuate them from the home and to whatever refugee location you have set up in advance. If the secondary combatant is a female, she must have a firearm. A large pair of vicious dogs would help here. Dad is toast as soon as he knocks a whole in the head of the ebony god defending his family who should be tithing the dusky deity. The non-combatants must move on under protection.
Combat power is key to this.
If you are not man enough to beat a foe to death in the hallway to your family's safe room, then locate a refugee center now and leave—just leave the house. This is all about banks getting real estate. They will not stop sending in the mobs until they get their real estate back. It's is all theirs. You are a squatter.
You have to be able to see this from the systemic perspective. You, being a member of a bio-plague of pale privilege, must go.
Your nation has been conquered.
Act accordingly.
You are a refugee, an insurgent or a criminal.
There is no fourth road.
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