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What Good is a Big Head
Mary May wants to Know Why Big-Headed Anarcho-Tyranny Tools are So Often Fools
“Okay, I’ve been chewing on what you said a long time ago about men having bigger brains being why you were smarter than me. But I have come to learn over the past few years that our darker fellow citizens are—big fat heads and all—incredibly stupid. I saw this queen at Trader Joe’s the other day with a top of the line medical mask on and she just has it covering her mouth, not her nose—Hello, Darwinism in progress! So, what do you have to say about your big brain now?”
-Mary May by Phone on 4/11/2020

It is well known that Neanderthals had far larger brains than we modern humans, yet their technology stagnated and we wiped them out with—probably—the atlatl and possibly the bow and arrow. Perhaps their extra brain mass was used for metaphysical purposes?
In terms of brain size being an advantage, that may have occurred first in Africa. No animal can outrun a fit primitive man over distance. Any animal that runs from a man for hours or days or even a week, will die from heat stroke, unable to perspire other than through its mouth. An Apache once ran a deer for so long that it wore its hooves down and could not continue and waited for death. The human can perspire over its entire body. One of the things that might have killed Bruce Lee was that he was so vane about his profuse sweating that he had sweat glands surgically removed and may have died of heat stroke as a consequence.
The African elephant has the largest brain of any terrestrial creature and is equipped with huge brain fans in the form of exaggerated ears. Marvin Harris, in his book Our Kind, suggested some 20 years ago that the large human brain helped prevent heat stroke. Think about the fact that we lose most body heat through our head and how important a hat is in the winter for regulating body temperature.
As of the writing of Clifford Pickover’s book on genius titled, I think Archimedes to Hawkins, the smartest person alive was the wife of the man who invented the artificial heart, with a 207 IQ!
So, as an old adage goes, size isn’t everything. For instance, in terms of combat, how a man’s body is “knit together” as a unit of action is more important than how big he is.
So, Mary May, I do not think that I am smarter than you because I have a bigger head. In fact, some of the smartest men I know have little pinheads. I believe that God designed me to be smarter, so that I might wrangle such dainty souls as you according to his cruel will. It is not so much that my brain is bigger than yours, but that it is designed to more specifically address the world we actually live in as opposed to the imaginary world we are conditioned to believe we live in, and to view this soul-stocked habitat from a proper, predatory perspective.
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