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‘Those were Americans!’
Sensei Steve, 5/9/20
“I’m embarrassed to be an American. I’m embarrassed to be a human, to be on this planet. I retired and I’m sixty-eight and my gaming friends are afraid to come and play war games because their wives are melting down over them having contact with other humans. I’m old and have a compromised immune system since having my spleen destroyed by a bullet in 1971. But I’m not going to crawl into a hole and die.
Who has been dying in Maryland?
People under 18, zero have died, zero, none.
The Hong Kong Flu hit children and killed twice as many as this thing, that is if these numbers are not inflated, which they probably are because there is money on the line.
In Maryland 60% of deaths are of people over 70 and over half of all deaths are in nursing homes, which are death camps to begin with. I would never put my mother in such a place. She can live here, with me.
In Baltimore city, the people dying have high blood pressure, extreme obesity and self-inflicted type two diabetes from the garbage they eat.
My grandmother lived here with me when she was in her 80s. She lived through the 1919 Spanish flu and told me what a horror show it was. When someone died at home, you called the coroner and they told you to wrap the body and put it out on the sidewalk and they’d get it when they could get it. So, every morning when you went to work during that very cold winter you would see bodies lining the street. Our hospitals are empty and there are no bodies on the street.
Think about it, this is America.
250 years ago we said to the most powerful nation on earth, fuck you.
Then 30 years later we declared war on them because they were impressing our sailors.
Then 30 years later this country went to war and everybody fought for what they believed in.
Then in WWI we went to war in Europe and the brits and the frogs thought the Americans were nuts for being so eager to fight the Germans.
Then the Japs bomb us at Pearl Harbor and take the Philippines and think we’re too soft to take that back and we bomb them back to the stone age.
That is America.
Those were Americans!
What the fuck are these people I’m sharing this planet with, afraid to shake hands, afraid to have their grandchildren over on Mother’s Day with no evidence that children can pass this virus to adults?
I am ashamed, truly ashamed. I don’t even know if I want to live in such a world. If I find out one of those [Dread Minus] parties are scheduled for my area so I can go catch it like kids used to with chicken pox, I’ll go.
Mister Jim, I’d be glad to shake your hand and I’d love to refight a war with you. I’ve got Anzio set up, how’s that sound?
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ncJun 11, 2020

My boomer dad who spent his career as a public health nurse working for the state wears a panty on his face and keeps 6 ft away. All the while bitching its the Trumps fault

Fucking hippie ->Yuppie->card carrying Marxist!
responds:Jun 19, 2020

In Maryland are wearing masks outside and alone in cars.
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