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Tamarno! #3
Emma and Chandler against the Gloomshine
Emma then realized that Mom-Mom was not in the kitchen making coffee, that Unx was not fussing over his work stuff and that Mommy was not on the couch drinking coffee.
She looked at Chandler, “Chan-Chan, where are they?”
Chandler drooled on Mommy’s couch and said, “Stupid-time. Go see.”
Emma ran upstairs into Mommy’s room and saw Mommy sitting up in bed, her eyes wide open and looking at the TV, her face frozen in fright.
Emma ran back to the bathroom and ripped open the door, not carying if Unx was on the pot or not, and there he was, with a towel wrapped around his waist, standing before the sink and mirror, staring down at his smart phone, his face all lost and alone.
“Mom-Mom!” Emma yelled, and charged downstairs as fast as she could.
“Mom-Mom,” Emma yelled as she ran down the stairs to the living room.
No answer.
“Mom-Mom,” Emma yelled as she slid all the way down the stairs on her butt and landed in Mom-Mom’s basement room and their she was.
“Mom-Mom,” Emma whispered, “are you alright?”
Mom-Mom was sitting there, staring into her smart-phone, seeming alright, except for the look on her face of all alone.
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