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‘Doom and Gloom’
Blognonymous Checks in with the Crackpot
Glad all is well with you and can't complain on my end.
This is the best post I've seen all year: Bantuistan Confidential and that is compared to all your great colonial historical writings and the military posts you get into.
Question came up in my mind as I type this. You may not know the site but it is a link aggregator for right leaning bloggers. Funny to recommend that you go to a web site after I mention your no media article above (a bunch of doom and gloom on there too and charlatans such as "Vox Day" that peddle anger instead of a way forward) but if was feeding that site you should get more views which hopefully translates into more book sales...
Take Care,

Thanks so much for the kind words about my writing. I’ve been feeling like I’m doing low quality work lately—so that was an ego boost.
Currently, I do not even have enough online time to check links sent to me.
I do not know what a link aggregator is.
I don’t know how I would publish on there.
I do thank you for the suggestion.
I have limited myself to posting on only 1 of the 11 platforms my content appears on in order to maximize writing time when I’m using a screen, as my eyes are failing.
So, I am not willing to do any work to “feed” someone else’s site as I do not even post on most of my own and am actually too techtarded to post on most of them. This site was made idiot proof for me and the other platforms I was posting on were made more complex so that I lost the ability to post and Lynn now does that.
It is my opinion that anger peddling is the niche left to the cultural “right” in The First Year of Our Darklord and henceforth until some age of apostasy encroaches upon the goodness blackening the bleach-white ghost lands with its opaque orthodoxy.
Some tips for surviving the Ethnic Cleansing:
-1. Don’t buy you no gun, plaleface, if the act requires registration or background check.
-2. If you own guns in a Red Flag state keep them a secret and let no neighbors know, show no girlfriends, children or wives. My host last weekend, a darksome deity himself, living in Klan territory, had a fence line dispute in court with a paleface neighbor, who accused him of owning guns in court—this fucking redneck got the “gun ownership is a hate crime” memo and was trying to call in a government hit squad, but failed to read the racial fine print. Fortunately, and perhaps because my friend is a Darksome Deity, the judge did not issue a red flag order, which in The People’s Republic of Maryland is a boot and shoot order. Take heed.
-3. If you own guns in state that has not yet gone red flag, then sort out the guns that are not registered, keep one for home defense and make a sealed cache in the wilderness for the rest of the unregistered guns. The registered guns use for hunting and practice. Then, when the federal red flag law or a local version is enacted, or when your governor passes a gun ban decree, turn those guns in and have yourself registered as having complied.
-4. Keep air guns to practice shooting in your basement.
-5. If you have enough like-minded friends, build an underground shooting range stocked with some unregistered guns for practice. An MC recently told me that heat signature equipment is getting 10 feet of ground penetration, so build 15 feet down for the ceiling.
-6. Learn to use wrist rockets and recurve bows for hunting and machetes and axes and knives for home defense.
-7. Most importantly, stop posting gun ownership signs, pro-gun social media and stop arguing for gun rights and learn to lie that you are against guns and that you comply. If you belong to the NRA, resign. There will come a time when a gun owner of pallid hue will go missing every month, then every week, then every day.
Yeti, take heed.
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Ruben ChandlerJun 25, 2020

My relatives need to know this. I'm getting hot on the wrist rocket. I hadn't considered the recurve bow. I'll check that out. Lot of good info here that folks need to know.
responds:Jun 28, 2020

I hope it helps put squirrels in the pot!
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