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Advent America Complete
Preconditions for Rebellion in Plantation America
© 2020 James LaFond
At 146,619 words, Advent America comes in at 666 pages in Arial 11-point. My editor will have to put a gutter in this book meaning that it will be tough to bring in under the 700 page POD limit.
If you would like a copy of this book, send me a donation and I’ll send you the pdf, which will have various errors in grammar and may lack some complete footnotes.
Dust Cover
Plantation America saw hundreds of acts of rebellion, unrest, insurrection, revolution and even attempted exodus. In this, the tenth of 13 volumes exploring the little known history of Plantation America, the author surveys the history of a rebel nation, from which standard accounts remarkably omit the rebellious aspects of its gestation.
Advent America is the Prequel to American Spartacus: A History of Revolt, Rebellion, Unrest, Insurrection and Exodus in Plantation America.
Dear Reader 12
Yore 14
‘As Many Blows as they Wished’ 15
The Deepest Lie 18
‘Over Deep Time’ 22
Notes on Archaeology as an Academic Cult 26
‘Hanno Takes Possession of this Place’ 29
‘The Final Authority’ 35
‘Thule’ 43
‘The Yoke of Grain’ 54
Against the grain 54
‘Men versus Sheep’ 58
Slavery as Christian or Anglo-Saxon Virtue? 63
'Consent Of The Vanquished' 75
‘A Slippery Slope in the Heart’ 83
Deluge and Dearth 89
‘The End of the Full World’ 93
Heathen 106
How Savage Were the Native Americans? 107
White Slaves of New Zeeland 112
The Pākehā slave captured by Māori as a child 112
Susquehanna 115
‘A Warrior People’ 117
‘Running the Gauntlet’ 121
‘Indian Forts’ 126
‘An Indian’ 127
House of Whirling Logs 130
‘As Pack Animals’ 131
‘With A Singular Forbearance’ 133
‘I Can Live No Better’ 138
‘Were Indian Women Armed?’ 142
‘Much Addicted to Women’ 146
Some Obviously Mixed Race Indians 148
‘White Thunder’ 152
Editor Word Search 154
Misleading Reading 155
‘Population Control’ 160
Tom Longboat and King Con 162
Word 165
Bandit 167
Bound 170
On the Lam 173
Bugaboo 175
'Master-Servant Rule' 182
Naughty 189
'A Rule of Thumb' 198
Editor 201
Pressgangers 202
‘Sold Troops’ 207
'Listing Scots Transports' 211
Tom Thumb 222
Witness 228
A Character of the Province of Mary Land by George Alsop 229
‘Within the Narrow Walks’ 230
A Landscape of Maryland 242
‘The Craving Carkesses of those Souls that Need’ 244
‘The Several Opinions and Sects’ 252
‘The Pale Ghost of a Starving Want’ 260
‘Tumbled in One Belly’ 297
‘A Most Large and Warlike Deportment’ 304
Jasper Danckaerts 313
‘Our Poor Robyn’ 313
‘Negroes and Servants’ 318
‘Not a Single Christian Hand’ 320
‘A Miserable Wife’ 324
‘The Epidemical Disease of the Country’ 328
‘Servants and Negroes’ 331
‘Our Guide’ 339
Peter Kalm 344
Travels in North America 344
‘Bought’ 344
‘These Black Snakes’ 346
‘Accused of Being Half-Indian’ 350
History 354
‘Few Become a Thousand’ 354
‘It’s Morning Promise’ 364
‘On His Mind and Heart’ 366
‘The Price of Job’ 370
Job’s Domestic Slaves 374
‘The Sailor’s Advocate’ 378
Back to Africa 381
‘Five Tons of Wine’ 384
‘Insolvent Debtors’ 390
‘On Account of Their Religion’ 396
‘Wrapt in His Cloak’ 401
‘Charity to the Poor Prisoners’ 405
‘These Drones and Loungers’ 408
Mission Particulars 1 414
Oglethorpe embarks for Georgia the third time 418
‘Reprisals’ 422
‘To Quite Discontents’ 425
‘Half-Galleys’ 426
‘Honorably Acquitted’ 430
Herbert Asbury 433
A Plague of Mad Dogs 433
‘To the New God’ 435
‘Free Negroes’ 439
Red Shoe and the Lone Date Palm 444
‘Mystic Forces’ 446
‘The Vigilante Army’ 449
‘The Slaves of Chinatown’ 454
‘Old Dick’ 461
Nancy Isenberg 467
White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America 467
‘Waste People’ 467
‘The Strangers’ 472
‘Leet-Men’ 474
‘White Slaves’ 476
‘Slaves for Years’ 479
Plight 485
‘Black Slave Masters’ 485
A 1 Person Population Replacement Chart 488
‘In Every House’ 493
The Sins of a Master and Slave 496
‘His Third Helpmate’ 501
‘In An Unclean Place’ 505
‘A Holy Experiment’ 510
‘My Company’ 514
‘Lives of The Downtrodden in Early America 514
‘To Carry the Machine Forward’ 515
‘Runners of the Woods’ 519
Jane Boone’s Husband 528
The Trickster Deity 531
Indentured Servants 537
'Irish Migrants' 542
'These Cavalries' 543
‘The Zuweyla Gate’ 549
‘Why Build Below the Flood Plain?’ 553
‘All Earth is to A Brave Man His Country’ 556
Right Under their Noses 561
‘The Slave’ 564
Literacy and Legacy 566
The American Mongrel? 571
Of Huwhites 576
Of Huwhites 581
Of Aryаn Driftwood 587
Fort Parker 591
‘A White Man’ 593
Physics: ‘Pale and Unwashed’ 595
‘To Some Third and Other Destiny’ 598
‘From Kind Masters’ 601
‘In this Lonely Cell’ 605
Who and How Many? 609
After 617
Noel's Hell 619
The Case of Java 623
The Americans 629
‘That Bad Stackalee’ 632
‘They Had Forgotten Her’ 635
‘Ward of the State, Man of Bronze’ 638
Convict Leasing 639
‘These Soft Little Hands’ 640
'Liability or Guardianship' 646
‘What Really Pissed Me Off’ 649
‘Name of Death’ 651
‘The Hand That Wields Me’ 655
A Gunman 662
Darksome Dawn Complete
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the combat space
within leviathan’s craw
the greatest boxer
the year the world took the z-pill
shrouds of aryаs
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