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Am I a Mark?
A Forward into Discussion: 5/15/20
Mondo asks me after we spar in his yard, “Am I a mark? I mean, walking around here at night, would I be selected, would I be a target?”
This kind of hurt and I hesitated, as this is a fighter I am bringing along. I had to say, yes:
-Number one because you are good looking. The ugly are thankfully left largely alone by the predatory class, just as they are the butt of abuse among highly socialized system advocates.
-Number two, for the reason that every lone man is a mark in a predatory world. The woman is a good, not an enemy to be unburdened, but a good to be pillaged and raped. The lone man projects either weakness which invites the dogs of men to run him down, or he projects strength which makes him, to the hyenas-of-men, a foe and triggers cohesion-building violence escalation in those who view him as a rival or alien.
To not be a crime mark risks becoming a law enforcement mark, for instance, by walking armed.
Even my advanced predation body language grafted onto me by my habitat and hunters as I was stalked across Baltimore for 38 years, brings down PIG heat on me, because they have the bully instinct and see the lone, unmolested man, as a foe.
For a young, good-looking guy, I suggest carrying a tool belt, not a lone hammer, or a skateboard, if you can use it for transport, as a weapon to knockout teeth and cave in chests. This weapon will require modified military “butt stroke and bayonet” doctrine.
If I slip even a notch, because I’m sick, or tired, or distracted, I can immediately slip from hard-case low-value target to a mark. Every lone man is a mark for criminals and cops, both of whom work as predators, ganging up on individuals. The highest level of peril is when a lone man is escorting—or worse, following—a woman, attaching him to a high value soft target, like carrying a bag of cash with smiley faces painted on it.
The loner’s edge is a razor and a place of constant peril, which is why masculinity advocates spend so much time trying to convince us that we cannot walk alone in peril and survive. But we can. Daniel Boone survived the better part of 80 years alone in the wilderness among warring tribes and deadly animals and not only survived, but thrived. And his greatest peril was when he led groups of settlers.
Walk alone knowing that you are never alone. For within you is the accumulated adaptability of numerous races [except the Anu and Aborigines, I think, we are all mixed race at this point] which have not yet been eradicated by the thousands of systems of control that have dedicated themselves to the genocide of your various ancestors. You are still alive, carrying your races with you, and they have outlived a hundred nations, lies and governments and will one day, through you, found a new tribe who will stand witness as this abomination of a nation is submerged by Time’s cleansing tides.
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LittlebookJun 30, 2020

Why not a scooter rather than a scateboard? The former is more stable for transport and might make a better club. Plus it folds for easy 1-hand carrying and storage.

Surely there's a scooter designed to transform into a 2h warclub out there. If not one could be modified.
responds:Jun 30, 2020

Good idea—there is a broken one in the alley behind were I am staying.
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