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Anthem of the Gods
What Does it Mean When Bicycling Youth Blare Music?
© 2020 James LaFond
Miss Lynn Lockhart asks:
Mon, Jul 6, 3:37 PM (3 days ago)
I thought of a harm city question:
Does loud cell phone music serve as a threat indicator?
If hoodrats are on foot or bicycle and playing music on their phones does that make you think more risk, less risk or no difference, all else equal?

The people most inclined to blare music in pubic are teenagers, youths eager for attention. My observations as to the variable contexts are these:
-1. This is most often for simple, self-worshipping, high-time preference attention, the piping of Apollo on his flute, the graceful plucking of his lute.
-2. This is sometimes used as a defensive array of sound, like a small dog barking, as the Lesser Hoodrat broadcasts his belligerence to the Greater Hoodrat. Eunice, an older African lady, used to blare her smartphone sermons loudly to ward off hoodrat attention.
-3. When this is done in cars full of youth or men, it is in the same vein as when U.S. Army Psy-Ops units blare obscene rap and metal at Muslims, to at once outrage them and cue them to self-defeating action and also let the locals know who really owns the streets they thought was theirs.
-4. On rare occasions such music will be used by an accomplice to cover the sounds of a crime.
-5. Primarily, the threat in such activity is this, just as the U.S. military murders 5 generations of innocent families at a funeral or wedding and then does a double-tap and blows up the responding EMTs with a drone, this type of culture war activity is generally dome to promote outrage, to get you to object. If you call the police on a deity because his music offends you, expect to be charged with a crime. If you make the mistake of objecting by glance or word to the deity who is demonstrating his ownership of your audio space, than you have tendered a challenge and can expect to have to fight. The entire event will be construed amongst guilty ghosts and ascendant kangs and queans as you "inferring the n-word."
My Lady, when we walk among the vey gods we must tread lightly... Now, snatch the pebble from my hand...
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