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The New Face of Martial Arts
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6/12/20 5:55 P.M.
My gym just came out in support of BLM. There’s no way I can organize a seminar through my school. We can make it happen, but I can’t have it connected to the school. They sold out at the prime moment.
I think it’s a good acid test for weakness, before we need to depend on these people. A surprising number of professional fighters are moral cowards. I wish mine had the balls to operate underground. Complying with the rules of a society that sees combat sports as unacceptable doesn’t help the cause.
-Combatives Coach, [province redacted]

I know of nine [9 as of July 11] gyms that are closed until further notice that have suffered schisms over proposed alternative training, like privates and outside training. In each case radicalized liberal white folks have staunchly held the instructor to the strictest interpretation of government decrees. One mixed race assistant instructor used the Dread Minus and the BLM cause to split the school along racial lines in a bid to staff his own program from the student body of his instructor, who is pale and therefor irredeemably evil.
I also know of two gyms that have “gone underground” and are operating illegally within the bounds of personal trust and honor.
Like my associate in [redacted] stated, this is a good acid test.
Also, as palefaces have been officially targeted as having a set of rights [government promises of enforced privilege] subservient to the rights of other races, it is time that our men begin training in secret. The martial traditions of many races, such as the Chinese, Filipino, Sicilian, Anglo-Saxon, Appalachian and others are replete with a skill-set lineage and methodologies developed in secretive defiance of disarmament decrees imposed by their conquerors.
This is why a well-run slave society, like the U.S. will encourage civic rituals of defiance, such as protests, to serve as a vent to keep masculine societies from going underground and forming cadres for eventual insurgencies. To a large degree, the BLM riots are attempts by our conquerors in their ivory buildings on The Wild-Goose-River, to bait the paleface targets of their population replacement initiative to stand up and be counted, to be singled out or scythed down at a later time.
It is time for our men to embrace the secret warrior tradition and exclude the women and the sissies who have fouled the martial lair and turned it into a peeping nest.
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