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Gangs and Police
How Do Criminals in Blue Interact with Crooks of Dusky Hue?
commented on ‘When I Say Stop, You Stop!’
Jul-11-2020 5:03 PM UTC
Kind of new here, hope you don't mind if I ask a question. Are the cops where you live on the side of the gangs? It sounds that way from your post. If so that's awful! I mean, if you'd been attacked by the bully and then killed him, cops should give you a hearty thanks for making the streets safer.

Thanks for checking in, JI. You identified the aggressor correctly as a bully type. That is what a cop is. I’m not talking about an old west sheriff or a marshal, but a police officer, a cop, who is a bully in service to a municipality. Cops are rarely good combatants like their ancestors the Coal and Iron Police of Pennsylvania, and operate on a 2-1 to 5-1 force application paradigm. No cops were champion wrestlers, or boxers or Olympians. They are regular dudes, tending towards the soft and now leavened with female cops. In the beginning of the book War Drums: 40 Miles from the Big House, about the 2015 Baltimore Purge, there is a discussion of this with Jeremy Bentham, myself and Oliver. Oliver and I were both often harassed by PIGs in the same area at the same time, because we stood out as loners, me the white pedestrian who was not buying drugs, begging or getting jacked up like Smitty the crackhead across the street, and he the lone black motorist, operating his own business at 18 rather than cruising in his girlfriend’s car with hoodrat buddies or packing up on the sidewalk to mess with me. We set off that bully radar that the cops are equipped with. You never want 2,000 cowards with guns and badges afraid of you.
The subtext was, I must have been armed or how else could I go unmolested among the Bantu masses and that Oliver must have been a high level player.
Wow, JI, I guess you think cops were once intended to protect and serve. That is nothing but TV propaganda and what they print on the car. Like the sheep dogs are there to protect the sheep from the wolves right?
No, the shepherd takes care of the wolves and the sheep dogs keep the sheep in line.
Yesterday, when I pulled your comment to start this article, My Mother was handing me The Baltimore Sun, dated Saturday July 11, No.193
“City police sergeant arrested.”
Sgt. James Lloyd is a high yellow mulatto, who, along with three of the homicide detectives he supervised, Juan Diaz [obviously white], Manuel Larbi [Norwegian no doubt] and Troy Taylor [most likely Amish], abducted and extorted a home contractor in Baltimore County, not Baltimore City. Lloyd lives in Baltimore County, not the city where he investigates murders.
Lloyd said to the home contractor, whose work he was unhappy with, “You are going to give me my money back, and I am going to give you freedom.”
Lloyd is channeling Plantation Maryland, where he would have been a gaoler, that is a slave catcher, where 900 out of 945 runaway slaves over a 30 year period ending in 1776 were either Irish or English, meaning in our washed out age, “white.”
Large scale municipal police forces are exclusively a facet of the Industrial Age, created when white trash laborers were invited back into cities once reserved for the elite, their slaves and “free people of color.” That is another article, the sequel, which will be titled the White Trash History of Policing.
In my life time what I have seen from the police in Maryland and in southeastern Pennsylvania, is this:
-Harassed 29 times by cops [chased even, for defending myself, investigated for defending my house] threatened by a black cop that he would beat my ass anytime he caught me on the street because I would not let him shop after hours... [See my book 40,000 Years from Home for the litany.]
-R.J., the man who defended my street in 2015 from Bantu invaders, was beaten to death in 2018 by the BPD. I knew R.J., he rescued a woman who was being stabbed and disarmed the ebony knifer and was even nice to him and did not hurt him. I coached R.J.’s brother.
-Ricky Mason’s two brothers [Ricky’ stories are in The Logic of Steel and When You’re Food] were beaten to death by the BPD.
-Harford County Sherriff’s strangled Henry in his cell and said it was suicide in 2018.
These were all so-called “white” victims.
-Duz, my grocery store co-manager, was approached by three BPD detectives with a woman’s check book which they demanded to be able to draw money on claiming she was a girlfriend. When he refused, they followed him to a bar…
Look, I could go on all day.

How do the thugs in blue and of dusky hue interact?
-Some small percentage of cops work for the gangs.
-Some elite cops prey on the gangs.
-Some good cops battle the gangs as mortal enemies.
-Some cops just play the drug war game against the gangs like it is a years-long chess tournament with a pension attached.
-Some gangs own cops that prey on rival gangs.
-Some cops own gangs who prey on rival gangs and rival cops.
-Cops and gangs both prey on working class white men like me who make up 12.5% of the city population.
-Primarily, the cops make sure I am not armed and the thugs are then safe to attack me in groups.

Back to the Lloyd story. Lloyd PIG and his piglets are in part protected by a state Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights!
These fuckers have their own bill or rights—as they should since it falls to them to deprive us of ours.
Lloyd was also involved with the Detective David Suiter case, the case of a [possibly] clean family cop being executed by a member of Crip 52 on behalf of crooked law officers he was set to testify against the next day. His bosses even sent him out with a new partner so the hit would be successful! The BPD and FBI ruled Suiter’s death a suicide.
Look, most cops are lazy and stupid and that is why they become cops. They are elevated above us and we are denied the permission to protect ourselves but are rather granted a phony right for them to protect us.
Why do we even have cops?
I can protect myself as a small old guy and if I fail to do so, according to my God, I deserve to die.
We have cops because our ancestral aspiration was to be sissies and women.
We have cops—who were once gaolers—because we are slaves with slave minds.
In two Hobo History videos I’ve sketched a rough outline of police evolution up to 1865. I will write a supporting article taking the general evolution to the present day and post it soon.
Thanks for your inquiry.
By the way, in Southeastern Pennsylvania, the various municipal police forces work with the Pagan’s motorcycle club distributing heroin.
Fuck the police.
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