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Marius and James Discuss A Better Human System
The crackpot's comments are in italics.
Building a better system
Sat, Jul 4, 1:56 AM (10 days ago)
Hi James,
Glad your keeping well, hopefully i don't read about a matyrd kung fu nazi in the next weeks.
This evil scion of heathenry is now safe and sound in an elder slave state other than The Simpering Socialist Sheeple's Gopublic of Maryland, soon to go west.
Any system will develop internal antipathy to any unassimilated souls and seek to erase it. Uncle Ted writes most tellingly on this. Systems, therefore should be suspect. Cultures and societies is where I would go. In A Babylonian Woe, the author points out how micro and macro bondage came from early money systems, declaring end game around A.D. 200! Any store of value other than good will is not to be trusted.
I love the idea of modern nomadism based around campers, trucks and bikes.
however, there needs to be permanent bases that can be built in rural locations to produce the food and fuel for such adventures.
The system will not tolerate food production outside of its network. Amish are currently under attack in various states over this. For this reason maximum social disintegration would help in making gaps in which real humans could begin to thrive away from the feed lots. Food outside of big agra and organic elitism will not be tolerated unless it plays ball. So, for the crime of trying to eat off the grid you need a legit food producer who will barter with you like a burglar needs a fence. A light-hued ebon warrior recently slaughter an Amish girl. Amish and Christian Congregationalist dependence on police will make them fat targets in the de-policed future. Ally with Amish and other slave religion adherents instead of hippies and serve as their security.
What do you think of building a decentralised network eco villages out of containers and other transportable modules similar to military bases, cattle stations (ranches) and mine sites. This way you would have everything the system has in its cities and eventually an independent supply chain.
How would the system tolerate such enclaves?
Imperial and socialistic systems tolerate zero enclaves. You will have to swing between crypto cover and nomadism to stay out of its clutches. However, if massive social disruption, rampant crime and police defunding occur, you will find gaps where humans might be able to live beyond or within the gears of the Machine designed to eat them.
if the focus was on health, nature and wholistic living without being directly antagonistic, they would have no grounds to oppose them. I've no doubt they would make something up, but thats not in our control.
Capitalistic big agra and municipal licensing is all geared towards denying the human herd the ability to feed itself. Unless one is Amish or Mennonite in Lancaster County PA, where the Amish girl was slaughtered, one cannot legally raise your own chickens—and that is a rural county. The reason is control, not politics.
It seems the way to survive the decaying empire is become self sufficient and not openly challenge the authority, but merely act in a way that forces them to expose themselves as ruthless tyrants.
This is good wisdom. However, one must understand that the American Mind is hopelessly slavish to an extreme degree. The slavish mind is best manipulated through plenty and through lies from on high combined. Your potential allies must have been brutally il-used by the system to the point where they lose faith in voting. Any person who believes in voting cannot be trusted to remain wary of The System of Control
It would take a generation to establish, huge resources and a coalition of the likeminded individuals, but to my naive and youthful optimism, it seems possible. The key will be an economic system uncontrolled by governments - we have that now with bitcoin.
Be sure that the System will seek to make crypto-currency use a criminal act. However, System Power Players—being criminals—will keep such avenues of virtual offshore banking open so that they can more effectively pillage the system.
The fact there exists a form of money that is:
1) not fiat (by decree) - not in the control of a single entity
2) immutable - it cannot be simply stolen or confiscated like in the current financial system
3) deflationary - there is a finite amount meaning the system cannot inflate it to nothing to pay its own bills first, and does' not create this ludicrous infinite growth paradigm
means that for the first time since bablylon human beings can opt out of the system of control.
The Current System, like the jealous God it has devolved from, will remain homicidally jealous of its captive minds.
As the state prints its currency to be worthless, it will be unable to pay its enforcers. Private individuals with hard money (crypto or metals) would have more to offer. At which point it becomes a free for all. who has the most coin to pay thugs to go around kicking in doors and breaking fingers to confiscate private wealth?
To use a historical example, i would look at the early monasteries in the dark ages. As Western Rome collapsed and the beuraucracies and their academies which managed the empire disintegrated, the monks were left as the only institutions teaching literacy.
The barbarian warlords naturally recruited them to administer their fiefs in return for the forced baptism of christianity.
This is unique to western europe, where the church and the state were roughly equivalent and eventually led to the rise of the merchant class and a relegation to the backseat for the theocracy.
In the middle east, the church is the state, and in the far east, the state is the church. It was the only in the west that this stranglehold could be broken. What we have now, a corporate monopoly over every aspect of our lives is in practice just as awful, but it seems to have sewn the seeds for its own supplantation.
Can smart, conscious and resilient hippies along with a martial culture of free thinking jocks to defend it and administered by crypto tech nerds build a better system?
I would love to hear your thoughts.
As always, your mate Marius

A flexible worldview that does not believe in politics is the only platform that will survive the coming wolf age without being corrupted or destroyed. Don't grant total brotherhood trust to:
-Any woman
-Any urbanites who are not criminals
-Any suburbanites who are not fighters
-Anyone who votes and/or believes in the system
-Anyone who has an ideology of system control: communism, capitalism, fascism, etc.
-Above all, anyone who believes in The U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights will betray your cause on root ideological grounds by reflex
Look, most people are just slaves, so be careful and I hope you find some exceptions to the above rules.
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