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Knightly Class on Pale Ass Justice
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[redacted] Victims of [redacted] Crimes Infographic Dump
Fri, Jul 3, 2:38 PM (13 days ago)
Another info dump of ebony on ivory crime, this time in MP4 format.

Thanks for the site, PC.
I thought the following was rather innocently cheering.
"[redacted] on [redacted] racism needs to end."
First, this statement buys into the idea of racism, which is simply a tool for social control.
Furthermore, the fantasy of racism has only one target, the "so-called [redacted] person" who does evil for evil's sake by thieving ebony oxygen. Ivory guilt generated by the fantasy of racism primarily serves elite ivories by stifling the upward mobility of sub-elite ivories, for instance, by closing off most government jobs to ivories since the 1970s. Ebonies are just the tool of the elite ivories. Their every action against sub-elite ivories actually hurts their collective and individual chances. Blaming ebonies for ebony on ivory violence is like blaming the gun for a shooting.
That said, this is appears to be a very extensive and valuable resource, and thank you for the heads up. I, unfortunately, cannot open or view any of the videos, assuredly due only to my retardation.
My own rough research in Baltimore for my last year of 2017 was taken from 20 attacks on me by:
1 canine
2 ivories
1 ebony and ivory
16 ebonies [only 2 coming as individuals, the other 14 groups]
Of the last accounts from other targets or witnesses of violence:
of just over 40 some attacks:
2 were agave
2 were ebony and ivory
39 [I think, going from memory here] were ebony
It is notable that in all the above sixty-plus attacks, the ebony population percentage in the hunt zone ranged from 10% to 40%.
Talk about punching above your weight.
Look, ebonies were originally brought into The Plantations by ivory elites to keep ivory freemen in perpetual poverty. Things are finally getting back on track in the Gas Lit States of Murica.
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