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Non-Violent Ghosts?
C and James Discuss the Means of Survival as a Persecuted and Hated Majority—A Pale Serf of the Future
[Crackpot comments in brackets.]
Secret’ Training and the vent of protests
Sun, Jul 12, 1:56 PM (4 days ago)
At this point in time, I am of the opinion that euro descended or mostly euro descended persons, as well as non-ethnically European but pro civilizational persons __wishing to attend ‘protests’__ and interested in advancing or preserving their civilization and family, extended family, culture, religion, etc., should do so only if they are ready, willing and able to practice, in the strictest way, non-violence.
[Unless you are a pro Hive actor all protest involvement is counter to any cultural goal. It is just stupid. But if you must parade so you can be profiled for future persecution, do not defend yourself. It has been against the law for ghosts to defend themselves since 1968 and still we don't understand this though the system does.]
Bluntly, they should be willing to let themselves get killed without even raising a finger to defend themselves or their fellow protestors. They shouldn’t even run away. Just take your rosary beads and go to your maker with the courage and meekness called for by that strategy. Like Christians being fed to the lions. Like Ghandi and his followers at the Salt March. (Whether or not those events are all true, only partly true, or pure legend.)
[I like the visuals I'm getting here.]
Anything else is a mug’s game. The deck is stacked.
Also, as I understand it, in any insurgency there’s always a bunch of more or less martyr-idiots who get killed doing tactically stupid things for their own apparently mostly emotional reasons. They have temper tantrums and commit suicide, or suicide by cop, or suicide by gang-stomping, or do other things which in tactical terms are the equivalent of charging a fortified position armed only with a spatula.
[Insurgency is a real bad idea. Survival and fractional autonomy is the best we can hope for. Any fighting against the system will insure our eradication. Uncle Ted is the only thinker that understood this. The System develops antibodies and instincts. Survive with your beliefs held close and live in your own mind to preserve something for your grandchildren who survive the great die off event mid century. We are curators, not viable contestants in such a vast game as this.]
Their deaths end up having a somewhat salutary strategic purpose or usefulness because, among other things, it wakes up their ‘side’ to how much the others hate them and want to wipe them out, and to the real consequences of stupid activity.
I’m not advocating completely abandoning self defense —of home, person, church, property, family.
[If the church told you to stay home during the shamdemic, find another to defend. Do not defend property. It is explicitly against most laws. Defense of home, in increasingly more municipalities is against the law. It will soon be mandated that the defense of a ghost home is a crime against humanity, as that home was gotten on the backs of our moral superiors. Defend yourself and your family. Most churches will turn the other cheek, so be real selective there.]
I’m saying if you are going to go out onto the public square to petition for grievances or whatever, forget self defense because the public square is rigged against you. Forget it even for verbal or aural self defense. Or even visual. You will be shouted down. Let it happen. Pray under your breath. They’ll steal your cell phones. Let it happen or don’t bring them. They’ll rip your sign. So be it.
[The public square has never been anything but an execution platform, a slaughter yard for dissenters, in England and America. Anyone who is permitted to protest unmolested represents State sentiments. A true dissenter is a suicide or a fool to go public.]
Use self defense only under color of still recognized defense of person in a non political activity outdoor context, or home, or business. Like if you just go out to the store for milk. Or you’re at work. Or church. Or home.
[Any ghosts forced to defend himself on the street is also being forced to defend himself in court.]
In a pro civilization protest? Forget it. Walk the gauntlet.
[I highly recommend against this activity.]
Some might say, forget that. We need to get tough and re-take the public square.
[They are the dupes of the System there to draw you out for persecution.]
I’m saying, and I think I’m in line with your thoughts, and I think it’s follows good strategy, that for now forget such a fantastic thought. You’re not tough. If you were tough, collectively, you wouldn’t have lost the streets. Yes, one side needs to get tough and re-take the streets. But it ain’t gonna happen tomorrow. There’s a temporal element.
[Those who think they are tough and are not have taken the streets with System support. The streets are the game trails of the Wolf Age and we are the prey. Yes, we need to get tough, being the most sissy iteration of humanity to date, but thoughts of contesting for the public space are not recommended until the Great Die Off.]
The public square is presently, and for the foreseeable future —talking year’s here, enemy territory.
So, if going there, and facing guaranteed defeat, go there ‘in for a penny, in for a pound.’ Let it happen. Let your death be as innocent as possible. Forget glory. Fights are ugly. Aim for suffering without complaining or pleading for mercy. Like if you were an Indian getting skinned alive by the old women of an enemy tribe; you’re gonna die anyway, the best you can get is that they’ll say afterwards, ‘wow, he didn’t cry or whimper.’
[John of Arc?]
To explain. Any likely collective ghost win on the streets is so probably going to be pre-seeded with agent provocateurs doing things like screaming about hOop Lurch Er or making stupid condemn able gestures. You’re gonna lose. Might as well go down with the best optics.
[All WN, NN, WS, and other so-called pro-ghost organizations have been nothing but boogie man factories used by the Deep State to demonize we ivory individuals as a diabolic collective. If you belong to such an organization, severe ties now.]
Walk away from the agent provocateurs. Take and maintain such a mode of protest —suits, crosses, rosary beads, peaceful signs, that the agent provocateurs seem completely out of place and obvious. Maintain such meekness and non-defense that there can be no mistake, in any video, no matter how edited, that you harbored, even for a moment, anger.
If you can’t or don’t want to do that, fine. Stay home or private and train etc.
Again, this is pursuant to a strategy. This is a retreat for strategic purposes. Making a virtue of the weakness, not fighting it, not fantasizing.
An example of a decent exercise of this: St. Louis recently. An old man with rosary beads protesting to preserve the St. Louis statue got beat up. That’s actually good optics, strategically, long term, big picture wise, for the Christian side in my opinion. Not great for that guy’s future health. But for the side, and as a negative for the other side, yes.
[Over half of America will not view these optics and those who due from the Mob side will say that he deserved it and gleefully bask in the glow of their ascent. Most people are not human and do not have souls. Most of these people will deny having souls! They are just bodies, zombies.]
Any conflict is going to be somewhat messy. The situation at present is that, overwhelmingly, only one side’s messes, mistakes, over-reaching, etc., is publicized, while the others’ is suppressed. And there’s a similar informational imbalance with regard to virtues, successes, accomplishments etc.
[The conflict is over. This is a the mopping up operation, not a prudent time to contest the conquest.]
Finally, the big hole in my theory is the question of when to change strategy, when it might be prudent and good to be in the streets as some opponents recently were. This, I suspect, might be a long time away and might be like that judge wrote about pornography —‘I can’t define it, but I know it when I see it.’
[Tenacity, endurance and a capacity for suffering, something our ancestors have tremendous experience with, though this is denied by the guilt narrative, will have to be relearned after the ast age of sloth we have slouched through so decadently.]
Two things. Is this in line with your advice —description and prescription? If not, where am I wrong?

C, this was really inspirational. Thank you.
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