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On Raising Girls
The Exile and the Hobo Discuss the Ominous Birth of a Daughter in Post-Masculine America
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Wed, Jul 15, 8:54 PM (21 hours ago)
I recently had a conversation about parenting with one of my friends. He is a 26-year-old man and already has two boys. His wife is pregnant with a baby girl and now he is freaking the fuck out. Having no children of my own I had no clue what to tell him and simply listened to his monologue with me acting as a sounding board.
If you were to have a daughter :
1) How would you coach her about finding a proper mate?
2) What kind of combatives and self-defense would you teach her?
3) How would you teach her what her place in the world is and how to position herself in the coming dystopia she will be forced to live in?
Having that conversation was disquieting in many regards. What really got me was the realization that I was just as clueless as he is and wouldn't know what to do in that situation either.
What are your thoughts on this?
Best regards,
- Michael, still in Exile.

Okay, I have not raised a daughter.
I have been something of a surrogate grandfather to an chemically orphaned little girl.
It seems that she is the same as boys in the crucial aspect of wanting caring adult to witness her accomplishments and validate her as a person.
The qualities of the male mate are pretty timeless:
-minimally emotive under stress
-able to navigate the social landscape
-not fearful of injury of death and willing to risks for his dependents
For a woman of the hated race recommend proficiency in:
-sight shooting with recurve bow
-shotgun [with the understanding that using a firearm as a ghost person will bring down state storm troopers—this is the Sampson option for a family. There will be now fair trials for our hated kind henceforth]
-edged weapons
-wrestling or judo
The hardest point will be steering her away from the kind of people who will use her to advance guilt-cloaked agendas in such a way that she will be able to avoid being singled out for persecution and education. Therefore the most prudent course is to keep her out of public schools and higher education altogether. It is astonishing right now that so many American Traditionalists want schools to open back up, when these are the very places were our children and grandchildren have been conditioned to regard us as evil merely because of the condition of our birth.
Most importantly, she has to understand men, the good and the bad, and needs a brother or two. He already has that covered. The most important thing by far, is for her father to be part of the family and be seen at home interacting with the mother, setting an example for how a man treats and respects his wife so that his daughter will develop an instinct against abusive types and simpering weaklings.
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