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Michael Tracey Reporting
Duncan Walnut Breaking Down An Independent Report for the Crackpot and the Editrix from July 4
© 2020 James LaFond
[James’ comments will be in brackets.]
Hey James/Lynn,
I came across this interview with a Minneapolis rioter, conducted by independent journalist Michael Tracey:
[I really enjoyed the interview with the stoner kid.]
I've time stamped some of the highlights:
2:05 - The interviewee notes that as rioters we're trying to break down the back door of the 3rd Precinct (which was eventually burned down), a man in a truck appeared. This individual got out of his car, shot off the lock with an AK47, and calmly left.
[Based on my conversations with an Army intelligence officer and a military contractor about the relative desirability of the AK platform in urban warfare, I would hazard to guess that this man was an MC in CIA pay.]
7:05 - The rioter says he didn't go to Minneapolis to protest or riot, but was in the city to be an "outside observer." He also describes the police actions during this night of rioting. Though the cops were nowhere near the rioting itself (or the precinct), they apparently had time to violently harass drivers out past curfew. These drivers were thrown to the ground and cuffed; the cops then smashed their cars' windows and slashed their tires.
[I heard the stoner describe this numerous times with a very believable cadence. It was something he saw and was also related to him third hand indicating a pattern. Stopping motorist during curfew was not something that happened in Baltimore in 2015, it only happened to people on foot. Motorist were unmolested. The BPD in 2015, knew they were facing an irregular infantry force. Motorist were assumed to be going back and forth to work, and were endangered themselves from the Baltimore purgers. So, 2015 Baltimore was a race purge with only a couple NGO advisers coming into town. Minneapolis is far short of the Bantu manpower to conduct large scale operations. Therefore the Minneapolis PD would have been complete idiots not to predict large scale car borne reinforcements from beyond the city and out of state. Slashing the tires is a sensible measure to keep the invading force from reusing the vehicles.]
8:45 - The cops also towed and vandalized cars parked on suburban streets near the riot.
[The last thing pigs on foot want is a bunch of stoners and anarchist using vehicles to roll over their riot lines.]
10:45 - All of the looters observed by this man were "a group of white males" (this is during the second night of rioting, May 28th). In contrast, the armed store owners defending their property were a mix of races. The arsonists were also mostly white males.
[It’s been obvious since its inception that BLM is an NGO created to use delusional racial guilt to politically activate upscale ghosts on behalf of the ebony martyr class. That said, most young pale face men have to know that they are always going to be the villain. There not eligible for government jobs, so why would they want to fight for the system that has shipped their jobs overseas. I totally understand young pale faces wanting to burn down the cities that their grandfathers built for the occupation of immigrants from other countries.]
12:00 - These white male arsonists targeted places where looting was in process of occurring with the intent of starting fires.
[Sounds nihilistic and fitting our age.]
13:35 - The method for starting fires was usually to bust off the top of a propane tank, light the end of it with a torch and throw it into the targeted store before running off.
[The Bantus in Baltimore only use gasoline cans. Sounds like mob evolution.]
21:50 - All fires were started at one condensed location; this had the effect of getting the rioters to start fires on their own, in a pattern spreading out of this central location.
[In fitting with the deep state agent with the AK 47, this seems like it was a seeded chaos operation.]
23:20 - Most of the people this guy was in jail with weren't from Minneapolis, or even the state of Minnesota. He met people from California, Florida, Atlanta, the East Coast of the US and even from France and England.
[Some of them were surely paid to be there. It’s interesting to consider that even more of the out-of-staters might have been social unrest tourist like the stoner concrete worker. The number of gang bangers that he referenced in the jail cell indicates either paid foot soldiers for the NGO’s or they might have been involved in the extensive looting that took place in Baltimore in 2015.]
24:35 - The people who traveled to Minnesota wanted "to be a part of the excitement" and "all the rage." It almost sounds like a religious pilgrimage.
[Mescaline Franklin came to Baltimore in 2015 when the riots kicked off for some apocalyptic tourism.]
There's more, but I'll stop there. I'm an avid reader of James, so I took this as confirmation of things he's written previously - that these riots were a coordinated effort, with shadowy provocateurs used to incite mobs into further violence. I'm curious as to what James' thoughts are on this interview. I will say that the man being interviewed seems like a perfect citizen of Zombie Occupied America - he thinks he's participating in some spontaneous, organic historical moment, when in reality he's nothing but one of millions of unwitting dupes being used by forces he can't even comprehend.
Thank you both for all you do.

[I absolutely agree with your assessment of the double digit IQ, Alaskan pretty boy stoner. That said, he’s a likeable enough fellow who seems quite happy to be chemically bumbling through events far beyond his comprehension. For instance, his personal experience shows more police violence towards his race than to members of the race he was marching on behalf of as the only object of police brutality.]
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sidvic     Jul 30, 2020

this was good info. thanks.
James     Jul 31, 2020

Glad its useful—it was sure entertaining.
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