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'Right of Bang'
Notes on Eye Protection in Combat
© 2020 James LaFond
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Littlebook commented on Bare-Eyed? Jul-25-2020 10:33 AM UTC
What kind of eye protection is suitable for getting punched in the face or struck with weapons?
Seems like a tricky balance. Needs to cushion against the facial bones and be secure against slippage.
Probably need a visored helmet, I'm guessing.

You know, I really like a saber mask. For non-sporting combat rig a better back strap enclosure than the Velcro you get with it. You can see fine through these masks and they can just see a shadow of a face within. So for something like home defense or to have on your passenger seat I like it as it slides on really easy.
It will shred any fist or fingers that strike it.
When you get punched it will spin and take away much of the force unless it is tight and you eat a shot to the chin.
I think the best casual protection is simple safety glasses that can work as shades also for use in blinding light and when facing the sun.
Now, if you get punched or clubbed around the brow, most cheap glasses will break and you might get a superficial injury. However, the damage will most likely be around and not to the eye.
I have sparred and fought empty hand, gloved and with weapons wearing googles. Googles are a hazard as when they get hit the force concentrates on the sinus cavity at the bridge of the nose. I don't trust goggles.
Plastic visors fog up and are usually a bad idea in combat.
I'm sure somebody has worked out a visor that does not fog up, but I have no idea if they have.

Ricky commented on Bare-Eyed? Jul-25-2020 2:24 AM UTC
Life, limb and eyesight are the priorities in combat medicine. Having a set of gascans with clear and dark lenses is cheap, going through life with no depth perception right of bang is expensive.

Thanks for this.
I can tell you that having eye-seizuress are the most debilitating thing to ever happen to me, making broken bones, severe concussions and high fevers slight inconveniences besides.
The eye patch helps. But the loss of depth perception and peripheral vision has proven a real hazard. Fighting along a curb or on steps would be real hard with this patch on. I get punched and stabbed by lefties in boxing and knife constantly without seeing it coming.
I do like the eye-patch for two things, eye protection and night vision. I can flip it up in the dark and see like a one-eyed cat.
However, try to keep both of those peepers in working order.
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