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The Land Lady
They’re setting off fireworks now. I called 311 and the lady on the call—the police lady—laughed at me. We’ll, these sound like bombs. I called back and the woman was a little nicer and she said she’d add it to the call, that the call was still open, which means the cops haven’t bothered with it now after two hours of these bombs going off in the alley.
Also just saw about 5 drones flying over my street. What the hell is going on?
-Mary May
Wow, I wonder what the five drones flying in formation was?
Has some group of hoodrats pulled this off and five little hoodrats have managed to take flight without playing bumper cars in the sky?
I wonder if maybe the police are monitoring the fire works with their fleet of drones.
Why wouldn’t the Baltimore County cops fly their own drones when the Baltimore City Cops have an actual plane-sized military drone?
Wonders abound when the world turns brown.
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