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Stumptown Strangler Report
Comparing Baltimore and Portland
T-Rex is Waxing Proudly as his Home Town Finally Fields an Urban League Murder Bowl Team
15 homicides and 63 shootings for the month of July so far. Most are in the South East section of town. Stumptown Stranglers are on a streak! As there are no amish out here to speak of, I am fairly certain that the perpetrators are Menonite, or possibly Mormon.
Portland police record highest number of death investigations in single month in more than three decades -
Besides all that, we're doing good out here. Portland is still Portland. BLM sign holders all over the place, these people are posted up at intersections, traffic islands, you name it. Word on the street is feds got a new tear gas recipe that makes people instantly start vomiting.

Portland and Baltimore have roughly the same population size and density. But the Portland Police are essentially a force for mediation rather than the force for intimidation in Baltimore—an entirely different animal.
While the Dread Minus made Baltimore safer for ordinary citizens, with Bantu warriors terrified of the ghost-borne death cloud, and even thugs laying off each other in March and April [quite a thing since killings in January and February were record highs], as soon as the disease hit the Portland Collective unrest began, with increased crime all around. There was something latent under the surface, with many shop owners assuming there would be looting and no reopening. Police responses in the Southeast expanded dramatically, from 4 to 20 times more calls answered by PIG sirens. I attribute this to two things:
-Two income households ruled by the woman, now being stuck at home together,
-1 in 8 Portlanders, mostly in their 20s and 30s, were put out of work by the disease.
There are a lot of youngsters with time on their soft hands.
In Baltimore and Portland, with the continued rapture after the Ascension of Floyd, we do have one similar outcome, organized and aspirational organized criminals, are free to settle beefs and expand activity as the cops are pinned down dealing with unrest.
Portland typically has 1 murder for every 12 murders in Baltimore City, and one for every 2 murders in Baltimore County, all three municipalities roughly at 600k in sheeple population, with Baltimore the least populated and Portland the most densely inhabited.
I will ask T-Rex to insert the current Portland body count as a comment.
Currently, Baltimore City has posted the following for 2020:
-January: 26 Mild Temps
-February: 25 Mild Temps
-March: 18 Dread Minus Depression
-April: 20 Dread Minus Depression
-May: 38 Seasonal Correction
-June: 36 Ascension Rapture
-July: 31 [compared to 15 in Portland]
-August: 7 in 8 days [ammunition shortage?]
-202 on the year tracking for 350

Only March saw fewer shootings in Portland in 2020 than in 2019, indicating Shamdemic fears among shooters and targets. Every other month, including January and February were more deadly than in 2019, with post Ascension numbers doubling. Just as with the Baltimore Purge of 2015, one can point to a pre-existing increase in violence before the eruption of unrest, beginning in the winter, with spring bringing unrest and summer bringing increased death. I would expect increased lethality for Stumptown to continue for at least 5 years. Portland shootings have doubled over last year, finally casting a hope that it might one day become a respectable American City, feared instead of jeered.
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ShepAug 12, 2020

Get a load of the twatlet that aims to succeed the spineless soyboy currently at the helm in Portland. The current situation is not "progressive" enough for xir.

Evidently this is not a parody.
responds:Aug 19, 2020

Can't wait to get back and see the shitshow up close.
T RexAug 9, 2020

Final tally is 99 shootings, 15 homicides for the month of July.
responds:Aug 10, 2020

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