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Lords of Cuckistan
Of Fear and the Gathering Night
I have reviewed something like 1,000 books, article and videos since 2012.
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That shit is ridiculous.
I could have written 50 novels with that time.
I have had numerous people send me works for review, and I have.
I like to help out aspiring authors as I was helped by others.
Recently there has been a rush over the last two years by authors and even audio recording artists and podcasters to distance themselves from my toxic taint.
I don't know why.
I am an outcast, a loser, a hobo, a person who does not vote or champions ideological, political or racial agendas.
I am nobody, nowhere and of no account other than that some tiny slice of readers are entertained by my antics and informed by my research.
I am just a curiously prolific dickhead...
I thought that the least I could do for fellow travelers across a world of lies that hates us, would be to review their works. If I don't think the work has any merit, I will not review it.
I have had numerous people plead with me—we are up to nine folks now, all male—to delete any positive mention of them from this site. That means that I have to scroll by hand on the back end for an article title, which is usually a quote I can't remember from their work. It takes an hour to delete one article and I usually only get 3 hours a weak online.
I'm finished with doing such retractions.
If you are freaked out that I wrote an article about what a good writer you were or how well you made a point, and you want me to use up my failing eyes to cover your ass because now you have a good job or married some hot babe with a good job—fuck off.
Initiate litigation to access my empire of wealth if you will. But you'd be better served to track me down and take my backpack—which is all I fucking own.
I don't have a single copy of any of my books.
I do have a cool duster and a spare pair of boots in that rucksack.
Oh, that's right, you are a fucking cunt and aren't confident enough to beat my old, broken, twerpish ass and take my empire off my back.
So, with compassion, I must say, there is surely a seven story building within sight.
Find it.
Go there.
Climb it.
Make's sure you hit face first.
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