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‘Paying Attention’
6/21/20, A Doctor Dread Tale
© 2020 James LaFond
Doc and another lady friend—he has had many, being a surgeon amongst nurses, captain of dainty Operation Room crews—were sitting on his front stoop out in Fells Point, Baltimore. This is the same neighborhood were Frederick Douglas, learned how to read and write by being tutored by poor white boys on fence slats in the 1820s. This is the same neighborhood were Doc used to play with a group of boys in the 1960s who were of some five races, where the Bantus split from the group to attack the palefaces and declare hate in 1968, a hate that holds a handful of decades later.
The night had wound on pleasantly, the streets slowly emptying, Doc and his doll bantering on the steps, when he noticed that two pairs of young men, 2 Bantus and 2 Mestizos, were converging on them.
He stood, took off his class ring—total Alpha jock move, by the way—told her to get in the car and lock herself in. She asked and argued and did her best to get them both beaten and robbed and whatever. He chewed her out and told her that she wasn’t paying attention and needed to and he was and to get the fuck in the car and shut up…
Once he had effectively stowed his frail in the car and stood ready for combat, the four who were ready to attack two non-combatants declined to attack one combatant.
This is a good example of how far we, as Aryаns have fallen. The war bands spent ages conquering more populous nations. Then they held off the teeming forces of the House of Submission to the Moon, then went forth and subdued a world at bad odds, taking some nations of millions down with hundreds pitted against tens of thousands. Our outnumbered ancestors defeated proud warrior nations!
Now we cringe in our feedlot stalls against the rising tide of violent cowards!
The emasculation of America was conducted under the disgusting doctrine of “white supremacy” by which ivories are supposed to be delicate, intellectual brain trusts protected from ebonies and tobaccos by blue-uniformed thugs. This has rendered us into a single unnatural race of sissies, when our ancestors had been men of many proud warrior races.
Doc is slightly below average size and unimposing. He can easily kick my ass. But I only won 7 in 21 boxing bouts and can’t grapple worth shit.
These guys did not know he was a pro level fighter and a triathlete who regards NFL football players as big fat babies who can’t complete a track warm up without crying, puking and quitting. It was enough that he was ready for combat. These feral creatures are intense cowards of reviled type, yet are worshipped by such so-called reactionary white intellectual dissidents as Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor and that faɡɡot Stephan Molyneux as possessed with unique “warrior genes” and to be our physical betters, despite dominating only 11 of 110 sports!
Any race that sits by and lets such sissy propagandists defame their forefathers and their very blood, and place our collective manhood upon the altar of some simpering, slut of a goddess, deserves to be harried in a blood-soaked end-time across the uncaring face of a corrupt world. It is our only chance for redemption, to be persecuted, hunted, defamed and suppressed. This, as far as history tells, was our origin, the crucible of our quality.
How can we whine over the fate of a nation that has forbidden Doc and I to walk the streets of the city of our birth with a sword on our hip?
Throughout Aryаn and even Shinto and Arabic history it has been axiomatic that one swordsman with one faithful spearman [dude, a fucking janitor with a mop handle will do] can easily impose his will upon ten lesser-minded men.
The only reason why we ever needed police was that we were told by our masters to put our swords aside and worship the gun as the only refuge of the paleface from the superior hordes of masculine humanity.
What self-hating racist bullshit that is!
And here we are hoisted on our own sissy petard.
Look back on this story.
One unarmed, medium-sized jock, just being freed of the clinging vaginal authority of frail judgement which our society has worshipped since 1920, faces down an allied raiding party of four feral savages.
Gordon of Khartoum would have done the same.
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