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Getting Chipped
Denise and James Discuss the Comming Garden of Compliance
© 2020 James LaFond
Denise commented on Crying Dog Aug-23-2020 2:35 AM UTC
I really began learning some of the things you're talking about during the Standing Rock rioting, when the Feds wouldn't shut it down, nobody on either side of the aisle was talking about it publicly, and the MSM wouldn't talk about it. I personally believe that it was a training ground for what's going on now. I really got an eye full of the nonsense that comes with the supposedly anti-government groups, who I wouldn't trust to solve any problem, let alone make a cohesive attempt to return us back to the Constitution. I could absolutely see how a "Home Guard" similar to the ones during the Civil War could be just as dangerous as the "opposition". I totally agree with you about the economic criteria. I can see a day coming very soon where we will either comply or be unable to function in normal society. I'm not sure people who are debt free living on a bug out acreage will even be able to function. I see a lot of people saying they won't be chipped, but I can see all the reasons that it will be nearly impossible for most not to be. I fear the technology will make it impossible for dissenters to escape the system. The recent unveiling of technology that can make fake film using existing video of a person frightens me and I worry we're no longer going to be able to trust anything we see. I fear the mind games the most, because I can already see how we're being manipulated and once AI makes reality manipulative, how will we be able to even keep ourselves sorted out?

Denise, I feel for you here.
I'm lucky in all of this because I never believed in the constitution, even when I was a boy.
But the very complexity of the situation makes it navigable.
We've been being controlled by gross manipulation since about 1913, right after all of the glorious monuments went up, which is always the sign that a state has crested culturally and is about to decline. Such states may become much more powerful materially, but after the monumental phase the individual's relationship to the state will become more coercive.
In 2012 I wrote a story about Dwayne Gridless, the last man to resist the Universal Chipping Initiative, who was finally turned in by an old lady for eating her pet squirrels. The credit card, and before that the idea of “credits” in future science-fiction settings, such as Games Workshop’s Traveler RPG from 1976, made it obvious that the very thing that has done the most to separate us from God and enslave us to greed and accrete an ominous new worship of an earthly God of Things would be the key—money.
Money is the mechanism that ensured that most humans through most of history would be slaves, mere beasts of burden and objects of exchange.
In a mere blink of Time’s eye, once state-sanctioned chattel slavery was reduced to use on criminals only, with slavery having never ended in the U.S. the replacement of money with currency made our economic activity more vulnerable to state control than ever before.
However, only the replacement of currency with credit would enable the government to erase everything you worked for your whole life and saved at the press of a button, as well as denying future income. With currency, to devalue your currency they have to devalue their own. But with credit you can be singled out and economically erased.
The Dread Minus has already moved us closer to a cashless ether-slave society. Many places are no longer taking cash because it spreads disease as evidenced by the stacks of bodies on the sidewalks of America. Retailers are posting signs that change is no longer being issued by banks.
Yes, I suspect that universal chipping will happen if we don’t get hit by a real natural disaster rather than a fake one. However, forcing us by the point of a gun is crude and labor intensive. The police state is shedding manpower willingly because we have proven to be 95% media compliant. We are born slaves to man and traitors to God. You want to domesticate an animal whose character makes it a natural slave, not someone who holds higher belief. And I’m sorry, but if you did not attend worship during the shamdemic because you were ordered to by secular authorities—even if you hate them as your oppressors—than you have worshipped at the feet of a jealous, wrathful, earthly God. All of this stuff is happening because American Christians in masse declined to go to church, which made it possible to use force against the tiny minority of Christians who did attend. Hell, most Christians actually think they attended church by getting online and listening to their pastor. That was the acid test that told our vile and earthly lords that we were really ruled by:
-fear of authority
-fear of not being part of the majority
The doctrine of Original Sin was than ripped from its Biblical place and transmogrified with surging success into the doctrine of perpetual White Guilt.
The smart phone alone and its posture of submission has rendered most Americans so malleable of mind that schools may no longer be necessary to brain wash our children. Instead, school teachers will be the new commissars, checking that parents are properly indoctrinating children, and spying on parents through the children they wrangle through the computer screen.
Many church services have moved to virtual experience, further empowering future government compliance initiatives through the ether flock’s cucked shepherds.
The disease hysteria has truly now elevated medical professionals to the status of priesthood of the new religion. Your doctors will spy on you through your ether interrogation sessions, drug you, send security contractors to your door to check for weapons and unauthorized cohabitation, enter your level of social justice into a data base to be cross-indexed with the reports of educators and...
Employers will also be on the front line of the war on the wisps of reality which remain. Your lack of religious vestment, the un-wearing of the Holy Mask of Contrition will get you fired and also listed.
Service providers, such as eatery owners, have now been onboard with a nationwide program of enforcing human social separation and enforcing the wearing of the sacred vestment of the Faithful…the face diaper, hysteria hijab or mask of contrition as you might have it.
The addiction to be externally programed and the dissident quest for deprograming both lead the modern mind slave to the same sacred portal of all knowledge, to the font of divinity, to the knowing of all things: the smart phone. That is your chip and it is utterly voluntary across almost 100% of the population.
I see chipping itself as a tracking device like those used on animals under government supervision in the wild that will be used like surveillance data, to get you after you stand up against the Vile Shepherd or have tried to break away from the money fold. Again voluntary measures work best with slaves and other domesticated animals. By my estimate over 90% of humans are mere animals with no souls, for they worship the works of man and if they have a quibbling shade, it will just be a snack for the fiends of the outer dark when they pass with a whimper in the night.
If you want medical care, at some point, you will be chipped, I’m thinking by 2030 this will be in place.
If you are convicted of any crime, you will be chipped as a simple evolution of the stay at home ankle bracelet which most of us support.
Coercive νаϲсіոation may be another vector.
But once cash has been removed and you are stuck with crypto currency or credit or debit, then you will not even be permitted the basics of life without being scanned, videoed and tracked by the system. As it stands, I can go to an ATM and pull out enough money to live for a month. But once cash is removed, I will have to submit to financial tracking for every food purchase.
Amish are currently under attack for their economic separatism, despite having a history of being favored by the government with set-aside laws and clauses.
The ultimate aim of the system of control is to control human reproduction at the same level it now controls human interaction, which is almost total. Almost every person in this nation believes in fantastical lies about this nation, lies like the Constitution and that only Africans were ever enslaved in this land and that those 400,000 suffering souls and their scions did all of the unpaid work that 4,000,000 European orphans and slaves actually did before they were erased from the historical record.
Resistance is futile and doomed unless we get hit by a meteor or other Act of God.
Organizing in any way, even to teach karate, has become a great hazard. The most extreme organization you should consider is for food production and that too is already under fire. Amish food processing facilities are being targeted. One day the canning of the bushel of berries that I picked and helped my hosts with making into 235 jars of syrup yesterday will be explicitly outlawed…for safety, because someone got sick from a jar of home canned food.
In the meantime, any utterance of heresy and any cooperative action with like-minded souls which does not support the Risen Faith of Collectivized Humanity, is going to be too dangerous.
The punishment for failure to be a fool is and will increasingly be economic ostracism.
If we do not kneel before the ebon image of Floyd, wear the Mask of Contrition or otherwise abase ourselves, we will end up being hunted to the fringes. But maybe there we will find some friends.
If you disagree with the System, how can you survive?
Below area handful of tips that come to mind.
Adopt the criminal mindset.
Lie to people about what you think and believe.
I have a friend who bought rosary beads from a woman and then let it slip that she was not a practicing Catholic, and lost her supplier. Little actions of enforcement by every petty meat-puppet in the continuum will largely depend on you being honest with the slaves of your ultimate enemy—the hundreds of millions of acolytes of the System.
Wear the mask when necessary.
Always avoid all crowds and gatherings.
Avoid contact with police, medical and educational persons at all costs.
I will die rather than seek medical aid from anyone other than Doctor Dread.
Do not associate with politically active people.
Do not use social media, ever.
Do not protest or parade.
Avoid voting—votes cast for opposition candidates in the future will be used for Deep State targeting, which is why slave pastors are telling you to vote, so you can be listed by the evil actors that control them.
If your church closed for the Shamdemic, break your ties with it and practice your own pure faith.
Never report a crime you witness.
Abandon media platforms like YouTube that are interactive and track your decisions and preferences.
I tried watching some YouTube last night for the first time and the tracking of me as a moral entity struck me as so invasive that I’m staying off YouTube.
We mostly have to worry about the other slaves recognizing us. The System has achieved false polarity at a rate so high that dissenting minds make up a statistically insignificant portion of us. For instance, conservatives and liberals, right and left, both believe that they are fighting the System while each serve it by fighting each other, witlessly believing that the thing that controls them is their servant.
Reality has been defeated in the human mind.
I am only interested in salvaging some shreds of it for some future rebirth of humanity, for those few souls who manage to escape the machine.

Editor: I don’t want to have any more You Tube videos uploaded. I am reluctant to ask you to pull those that are there because the words of listeners are there recorded. I think by not placing anymore You Tube videos it might decrease the likelihood of deplatforming.
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Littlebook     Aug 24, 2020

Voluntary common-sense mask culture is an important means of achieving herd immunity without requiring lockdown, as evidenced by disparate international performance. Keep thy snot to thyself. This would save lives regardless of whether COVID19 existed; respiratory pathogens reap a toll each year.

COVID19 is significant only for its potential to overwhelm healthcare due to medical and civilian incompetence, and unseemly Boomer clinging to life at all costs. The real issue is the coming AI-powered facial recognition surveillance panopticon, which a mask culture is crucial to frustrating. Glasses culture already permits obscuring the upper face. In Hong Kong, a real civil liberties movement is having its right to wear a mask while protesting stripped, so that the highly-effective Chinese government can crush dissent. The CCP will succeed. Meanwhile American fools think they are fighting for liberty by resisting mask adoption. Lockdown is the Democrat strategy to steal the election, and they want COVID19 to spread to legitimize it. Trump has asked his supporters to wear masks in lieu of donating.

The Аrуаn sheep balks at wearing a mask even after he's sheared and gelded, merely because his nose is too big for it to fit comfortably. Buy a neck gaiter so that you can commit your crimes of paleface existence incognito. Outlaws wear masks, and any Аrуаn who doesn't believe himself an outlaw is either a traitor or a fool.

The Аrуаn is like a drowning man who refuses to breathe deep and relax in order to float, because he believes he must flail to resist his predicament, thereby dooming himself.

Many dissidents have moved from YouTube to Bitchute.
    Aug 24, 2020

Dry wall particles penetrate surgical masks—my doctor friend used his while sanding dry wall and informed me of this, and that viruses are smaller. A friend who worked in water purification tells me that their membranes cannot collect all of the viruses, only half.

Also, how did humanity survive so long without masks if it is now necessary for life?

I only wear a mask to hide dissent. If I am so ill that the air that kills 1 in 1000 who get the Dread Minus kills me, than it is time to die.
Littlebook     Aug 24, 2020

Masks aren't necessary to life. Neither is handwashing, yet you'll notice hospitals use both to reduce mortality. Handwashing doesn't eliminate all germs either, yet it still works. Epidemics are made of small differences. The pope said the devil is a cat, so Catholics killed cats, permitting rats to bring the Black Death. Superstitious peasant madness is disastrous.

In order to use masks to hide dissent, it is necessary to normalize mask use when not dissenting, like glasses.

Special Аrуаn snowflakes refuse to accept the self-effacement of the mask, because they insist on their personal significance, which is a ridiculous lie. Atomized deracinated faithless tax serfs of a degenerate progressive empire have no personal significance, except as traitorous cucks. Their craven wickedness has polluted the whole world, provoking God's judgment.

Masculine civil society is dead and gone with patriarchy. The criminal mind welcomes the mask. And if patriarchy did exist, then men's faces would be obscured by thick beards instead of masks. Only women and sodomites delight in clean-shaven boyish emoting.

These are people who literally can't think for themselves. If you give them a standardized reading comprehension test, they will fail it. They insist on thinking for themselves because authority has betrayed them, failing to grasp that their authorities are a reflection of themselves. America deserves what's coming.
    Aug 24, 2020

Well said.

I have recently come to the conviction that I will not associate with people who cannot face me but behind a mask, cannot come into reach, who cannot shake hands, who cannot tell me their name when we shake hands. Strangers and ciphers I masks do not bother me. bantus are terrified of unmasks ghosts I have found, making that avoidance job easier.

This has all made life sorting much simpler for me and I do think that normalization of masking is good for those of us who are targeted by the system, especially since their is so much surveillance to consider.

And yes, America, in my estimation, deserves all that is coming. This is Sodom and Gomorrah on a vast scale
Littlebook     Aug 25, 2020

Well, shaking hands is about showing the absence of sinister intent, so removing a mask helps with that, since the face reveals intent. I agree that masculine cohesion is more important than the minor epidemiological benefit of masking at that moment.

And there is no reason to wear a mask when walking around outdoors. Mask up when there's CCTV.

It's foolish to wear a mask when hunted by criminal predators, as it is to wear sunglasses. It invites a closer check of one's courage, as you've observed.
    Aug 25, 2020

Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Take care.
OrangeFrog     Aug 27, 2020

Good stuff here, Mr LaFond. It is funny you mention the canning of bushel berries, the other day I remarked to someone that soon growing my own cucumbers would be illegal because... Public Safety. You're points on how to conduct oneself are well taken, I have come round now to the fruitlessness of arguing with others about politics - it is not important. Still, sometimes you just want to say something! Got to fight the urge.

You remarks about the cashless society I believe to also be spot on, and I am concerned because it is one of the best ways to transact with (practical) anonymity.
    Aug 27, 2020

Be aware out there Orange Frog!

Thanks fort he kind words.
Denise     Aug 30, 2020

Thank you for your response! We have the same ideas of what's coming. I was raised Jehovah's Witness, so I'm used to being an odd, dissenting duck, so I'm at least lucky to have experience in not having to believe whatever the rest of the crowd does. I find that I'm not afraid to question the mainstream narrative. I got kicked out of a Q group for asking how we know our leader is on our side, considering he's been a part of the elite circlfir decades. I'm pretty much over my loyalty to Republicans after my governor just posted a how to move to our state article to help the hordes of political refugees from dumpter fire states. I see that my comments about concerns for the increase of population is going to bring higher taxes and different values to our state, plus the fact that no state remains red once they get these transplants have been deleted. Most folks don't want want to hear my predictions for what is coming and, like you say or questions about what the motivation is behind mandates. I worked in medical for 20 years and it taught me that most people don't want the responsibility of living their own lives. They're not interested in changing their behaviors and habits to care for their body and improve their health. People generally don't give don't question what they believe or what their told and even if they do, they generally aren't willing to put in the effort to follow through on their concerns. I left dialysis 4 years ago and the previous couple of years the hospital made the flu shot mandatory for their employees, since Medicare was requiring it for reimbursement. I applied for a religious exemption and wore the mask for the whole flu season. A number of other employees would tell me that they didn't want the shot, but either didn't want to wear the mask or thought it was lying to ask for a religious exemption. Even though they were upset and didn't want it, they complied for Convenience Sake.

It comes as no surprise to me that this compliance enforcement is coming from the medical field. I remember having the thought that the HIPPA laws were an easy way to make citizens disappear and no one would be able to track down their loved one, once they entered the hospital. I was raised on expecting the NWO and all the persecution coming from the system. A story about persecution during the second world war has always stuck with me. A witness was arrested and thought the congregation would be a unified community against the interrogators was shocked when one of the elders he knew came out after giving up his religion in order not to be retained as a political prisoner. The elder basically told him, "Screw this! I'm not willing to be tortured.". The part that really stuck with me was this man realized that it was him and God in this together and he couldn't look to depend on other people. I feel more and more that I can relate to that statement. I don't go to church, but I read my Bible often and I can see that the farther society gets away from religion, the worse we deteriorate. The fact that China has said it's going to remove everything from the Bible that doesn't comply with Communism tells me what's in there must be vital to resisting them. It's obvious that today's churches have been willing to mold their beliefs to the current culture and that's what made this culture of compliance so easy. The population is easily brainwashed. I agree with you that the State has become the new religion and few question their ideals. It's easy to see why the masses are so concerned about the plannedemic. The news is made to create hysteria with the programming repeating certain words over and over again. It's so obviously a tool for brainwashing that I quit watching TV news. Most tv has an agenda, so I rarely watch anything, with the exception of my Saturday night date with Lawrence Welk.
    Aug 30, 2020

Am answering as an article, Denise.

Thanks you.
Denise Heupel     Aug 30, 2020

I'm worried about the mandatory νаϲсіոes and medical tracking that's coming. I can absolutely see an economic collapse coming and we're already seeing food lines in states that have shut down their economy for the last few months and mortgage defaults are expected to start happening in the next couple of months. There is a terrible horse training technique that has the trainer locking the horse in a pen with no food and making it go hungry for a number of days in order to make it compliant. I feel like this is what is happening in big cities and I'm expecting trouble to become a reality this fall. People are already looking to the government to give them food. I can only imagine how easy it will be to get them to agree to just about anything, now that they're desperate. We have been lucky that our state has remained open and we've kept our jobs, but I have concerns about our ability to pay our mortgage when they make chipping and currency mandatory and understand that it's a very real likelihood that I'll have a choice between compliance and freedom and that may even include not agreeing with my husband. Lots of terrible possibilities.

I watched a prepper show once where the white American husband was a gung ho prepper and his Oriental wife, who had survived the Vietnam war hiding out and living in the jungle, said that when SHTF, you don't need all this stuff. I take some comfort in her story and try not to let worry overwhelm me.

I can already see what you're talking about with not trusting people and that they'll turn you in to the authorities. Already seeing people freak out over the masks, so it won't be a stretch to get them to do anything the state asks of them. I'll have to work on not telling people what I think or believe. I'm very blunt and opinionated, but I can see it's a waste of time trying to open people's eyes. I have a vague notion of what adopting a criminal mindset is, but I'll have to work on that one, too. I remember being rather shocked once when you said something about not getting involved in street fights or protecting those you don't know. I think Americans typically believe in fighting to win, where you teach that we must use our street smarts to avoid fighting. It's a whole other mindset.
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