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Pixelated Dogs and A. I. Gods
Banjo and James Discuss the Setting of the Meat Puppet Stage
© 2020 James LaFond
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Digital vs Analog, pixelated dogs and ai gods.
Sun, Aug 23, 8:54 PM (3 hours ago)
I just read your "Chipped" article and wanted to share a couple ideas. I read that recently some Virginia flim-flam said that the νаϲсіոe will be mandatory.
[Just as Virginia figured prominently in the first American Revolution and the first Civil War, it has figured prominently in this recently lost Civil War turned Revolution, the distillation of national conquest and subjugation into pure information warfare. In Virginia recently I was stricken with the depth of the compliance with the Risen Cult of Floyd. Also, last year, a Virginia legislator proposed banning martial arts instruction, an initiative that it seems will simply end up being expressed by way of unsuccessful attackers of trained fighters being able to hold the instructor or coach liable for damages. Do keep in mind that Virginia is Mordor on the Potomac, with numerous Deep State facilities, so I would look closely at developments in that node of the Beast.]
This is probably just saber rattling because as you point out voluntary works better. I suspect that the manner in which forced "voluntary" νаϲсіոe/chips will be administered is as follows....Strangle the economy, destroy the job market, get people used to living on a UBI Universal Basic Income. Once people are accustomed to it, state that one will not be eligible for the UBI/welfare/unemployment payment if he does not have the poke. Other "privileges" will be curtailed without the poke, such as travel, being able to have a job etc.
[Opening with threats and then offering voluntary compromise is an excellent gambit for control of cowards and unprincipled persons, which means most Americans.]
I would guess that there will be a way to pay one's way out of the νаϲсіոe/chip too for the wealthy.
[Why you cynic! Next you are going to ask Alexander to move because he is blocking out the sun and interfering with your tan!]
I recently heard of a court case during the Polio epidemic where the polio νаϲсіոe was mandated in an area or there was a $5 fine. One guy decided that he would not get νаϲсіոated nor would he pay the fine. He went to court and it was ruled that he did not have to get the νаϲсіոe but he did have to pay the fine. So there will probably be a 10k or 50k "fine" (read opt out payment) to avoid the needle. I recently talked to a friend who is into all the Constitution freeman stuff. He keeps iterating the same old stuff about one can't be forced to take the νаϲсіոe and I keep trying to tell him that he better come up with asymmetrical tactics to avoid the poke in real life or consider how to survive on the edges of civilization because chattering about the constitution isn't going to work.
[Like the Magna Carta, the U.S. Constitution was a betrayal of the fighting man—the knight in 1215 and the rifleman in 1787—by the executive branch in collusion with the legislative branch. It remains as a utopian point of fixation for the fools and patriots among us. I recently had a conversation with Doctor Dread in an eatery where he bought me dinner and examined me on the parking lot and wrote me a script. I was speaking of breaking laws by crossing state lines in April and he corrected me, reminding me that Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania governors who I had defied by crossing state lines without kwaranteening for 14 days were "not laws but unconstitutional edicts." he was right. But I said, "If it's an excuse for a cop to beat me up and lock me away, it's a law to me." I then went on to tell him that I would not trust the law if attacked by police, that I would fight in hopes of dying and he was deeply troubled. I then sketched a litany of police harassment of me for being a pedestrian paleface over 38 years and said, "Now it's all of us, we are all white trash" and his brow darkened in silently solemn agreement. It saddens him deeply that I have mentally slotted myself as the enemy of the System he believes in, just as it saddens me, that a man like him, so much better than I, who actually saves lives on a weekly basis, heals others every day, works without pay and is wiling to protect the innocent, where I will watch the innocent being mugged and brutalized and turn away, has, along with other lovers of this country and what it reportedly stands for, been targeted for reeducation or eradication. The ultimate victims in this macabre reconstruction of America will be those who grew up loving and believing in it. Justice is a feckless whore of a traitor.]
The other thing I was considering is the "defund the police" thing we have discussed in the past. I couldn't understand how this benefits the system until a little while ago. I also couldn't understand why nyc is letting people out of prison due to a fear that they might get covid. It now makes sense. I think defunding the police and making it a personal liability for officers will reduce the number of officers. "Community policing" really will take over but it won't be a psychologist going to the scene of a domestic dispute. I think all of this is going to AI. It will be minority report style except the oracle will be an algorithm. Google years ago stated that they could predict what a person is going to do via patterns etc fed into AI. So there will be no police out patrolling but they will be routed as soon as certain patterns show up in the computer. Eventually people will be arrested for "precrime" when the bots determine that one's patterns display that one is going do something untoward. Once arrested one will probably have to get νаϲсіոe/chipped. If guilty they will not be sent to prison but will be confined to work and home (or just home if they only receive UBI) which will be monitored constantly via the Digital gods. After all prisons are inhumane right? The plantation is a much more humane prison right?
[I recently saw Minority Report again and have read the story within the last few years. I don't think Phillip K. Dick will ever wake up from that acid trip that has us trapped inside of it. I think we will have many facets of policing:
-Standard cops taking reports
-Medical practitioners gathering intelligence, informing on heretics and administering criminal sentencing chemically and surgically, this will be Minority Report meets One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest, there will be court ordered sexual reassignment before 2050.
-School teachers acting as agents of orthodoxy
-Pastors will assist secular teachers in bending skeptics to the will of the System and they already have with virtual sermons
-InfoTech predicting crime and targeting heretics
-NGOs serving as paramilitaries
-Contractors providing facility security
-Criminals serving as scouts, assassins and bait
-Deep State agents executing boot and shoot warrants
-Drones used in conjunction with all of the above
-U.S. military teams will be specially selected for missions against "enemies of the state"
[Five drones flying in formation over house tops from Baltimore County into Northeast Baltimore were spotted in early June this year. A military drone is on station under a contractor's control and the BPD Ghetto Hawk is constantly in the sky.
[Total law enforcement expenditures will go way up even as it is reported being down, as expenses are moved off of municipal books and onto private, state and federal budgets and also expanded to medical, clergy and education personnel. One reason for school closure will be the freeing up of 10% of officers in high crime areas from guarding and policing students, so that force reductions of 10% will not result in reduced force on the street.]
Welcome to the war.
Digital vs. Analog
Stay a wolf because it is really gonna suck when there are only pixelated dogs and ai gods.

Banjo, thanks so much for deepening the discussion on Phillip K. Dick's ongoing acid trip. Resistance to the system is worse than futile and will tend to strengthen it. Only deceptive survival and the rendering unto Collective Caesar of that which He claims as we seek elsewhere for meaning has a chance of delivering us from the evil that so jealously covets our debasement.
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Denise Heupel     Aug 31, 2020

I feel the need to watch Minority Report and The X Files again. Somewhere, I heard that the devil has to get our consent and predictive Programming helps prepare us to comply to what the elite want us to do. There's another movie I saw being talked about that I can't remember the title that had Gerald Ford (I think) as the President who.dies from a pandemic.

Speaking of drones, there were weird drone sightings in Colorado and Nebraska last fall. I can only imagine what they plan to do with those. I think it was minority Report that had drones that would scan people's eyes.
    Aug 31, 2020

Will do an article on these two comments, Denise.

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