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Second Order Tabooing
Rod is Curious about Emerging Ostracism as Social Control
© 2020 James LaFond
commented on Armed Citizens Aug-27-2020 6:22 PM UTC
Would you be so kind to explain second order tabooing?
I’ve bought and read taboo you when it first came out and can’t seem to recall the second Order tabooing. Can’t reference back to the book because I’ve given it away so the young men can read it and have options as to how they could are should live their lives.

Rod, thanks for passing the book to another reader. That is one of the reasons I write and get stuff out in print when possible.
I did not discuss this subject, so far as I can recall, in the book Taboo You. It was a handbook for being an unredeemable asshole, not a handbook on how not to lose your job for associating with an unredeemable asshole.
The basic traditional means of social control is ostracism or exiling, engaged in by most primitive peoples in tribal societies, in which the tribe does not violate its sanctity by killing one of its own, but instead exiles the offender, the taboo breaker. This is essentially a death sentence in many times and places. However, when tribes settle and farm and join into a nation, they begin to beat and kill their own for the most severe crimes and practice internal ostracism for lesser crimes, such as the breaking of taboos. In a civilization or a nation, you are no longer a member of a people, but rather a commodity owned by the ruling body and policed by the collective.
In order to prevent factionalism and to better police the quivering collective, a person who is scape-goated, ostracized, exiled or even executed must be condemned by all. Every person who does not vilify or condemn the taboo breaker is suspect. Anyone who supports or excuses or even pleads mercy for the taboo breaker is himself treated as the evildoer. This mechanism is very ancient and is the basis for social hysteria and mob dynamics.
It is Political Correctness.
The lack of understanding of this ancient practice, even by its PC users, was most glaringly apparent when poles were 10 points off for the 2016 election, due to the fact that conservative voters instinctively realized that they had committed evil by intending to vote for, or for voting for Orange Man, and then lied to pollsters and exit pollsters.
I will give a perfect recent example on a more human scale.
I was in Pittsburgh and a reader asked me to coach him. I did. But he had to lie to his wife about what he was doing and who he was with, for I am a taboo person, a man of evil, misogyny and insanity, and under a second order taboo system, anyone who does not condemn me and who associates with me, is by definition as evil as I. At the every least, his wife would have condemned him for exhibiting bad judgment by meeting with a known bad man.
In another recent situation, 6 men who had scheduled to train with me did not show up. I assume that this was a more severe expression of tabooing than the secret training partner. Indeed, even engaging in self-defense training is now regarded as an evil act. I have been derided and insulted and condemned by gun owners and women my entire life as an eccentric fool for insisting upon being able to defend myself with my hands and hand weapons. The very activity of combat training is taboo, and can cause a second order stigmata.
Thus people have been fired and attacked and divorced for voting for Orange Man, because he is a taboo actor, a demon of deepest evil.
I, as a small time demon, am under constant second order taboo sanction, as indicated by the fact that almost no one who writes into this site has the courage or possesses the poor judgment to use their real complete name, for even to be know as someone who reads my work is to be regarded as taboo, to possibly lose your job, be attacked, suffer a loss of status or otherwise become taboo yourself.
To my valued readers, if you are found out to be a reader of the vile spew I publish, I recommend that you do condemn me as a misogynist, a heathen who actually prays to the Grey God, a crackpot, a retarded high school dropout, a hobo, a psychopath, a race traitor, a brain-damaged drunk who is utterly reprehensible and that you simply read my screeds for entertainment, to enjoy the sorry spectacle of a madman grousing at the beautifully ordered and eternally uplifting world of peace, prosperity and justice for all...oh yes, and that I do not believe in peace, prosperity and justice and place a good training session or piece of incidental ass on a far Higher Plane.
Don't get stoned on my behalf, Rod.
Most important is to identify tabooing and second order tabooing as precursors to legislation and statutes and case law that will eventually be used by the System of Control to crucify you. Note that prohibition was preceded by church lady activism and the temperance movement and women's suffrage. Women are excellent vehicles for tabooing, as their natural negating "pecking order" group behavior is more effective for slave and prisoner management than is the man's natural affirming merit-based hierarchy.
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