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Roleplay and the Civic Bray
Assessing Creep State Options from the Perspective of Adventure Writing
© 2020 James LaFond
Below I am here aided by some exceptional minds, foremost among them young Richard Barret, military history author, and also Miquel Castillo, human trafficker and supplier of frail companionship for toxically opinionated hobos who are not yet dead…

Yesterday I had a long conversation with my editor and we decided that the rest of the year’s publications would be fiction, including, Who Writes the Songs of Night, a biblically inspired trilogy of the next ice age. These will be hardbacks.
During this process, Lynn confided that I had predicted so many things over the past six years that she and others scoffed at and have yet come true, that she is now dreading such predictions. I didn’t regard myself as especially smart—I mean, I can’t figure out how to use Dlive, Dtube or Bitchute—how smart can I be?
I have relied on four things in predicting societal trends:
-Alienation and an outsider’s perspective,
-Low social status providing an underclass insider perspective
-Extensive reading of academic material, all of which gives an upper class ivory tower perspective.
These three perspectives grant triangulation. It’s like calling in artillery in cooperation with a close scout, a hillside observation post, and the artillery officer doing his math back at the battery.
The fourth element is behavioral modeling learned from roleplaying games as a teen and employed as a fiction writer. I used to run wilderness adventures and campaigns instead of “dungeon crawls” because I like building and stocking a fantasy world and have it realistic. So, this was free range role playing. I simply had the characters start in a place, described the surroundings and they decided what they did and where they went. My ability to predict their actions helped keep these adventures going. I use the same means in my fiction, with most of my novels not having a predetermined ending, but by letting the characters decide. By this I mean, once a point has been reached in the narrative, asking myself, would this character follow, lead, break away or resist?
I suspect that the fact that Creep State agencies have been letting rioters cross state lines without interdiction or punishment, that this indicates they are taking a wait and see approach, with contingencies in place, at least conceptually, for each eventuality.
Any rational observer can see the U.S. in terminal decline along various lines. With municipal policing a failure, it is obvious to Creep Sate agents that the need for law enforcement in the wake of local police implosion, will make many opportunities for their sons and grandsons to have good government jobs enforcing what laws may come or remain.
I suspect that the sham of global warming was a means by which our puppet masters have concealed the coming ice age and a drastic reduction in earthly food production and a necessary population reduction. These things do not happen overnight. There will be a generation or three to convince humans to limit reproduction. One of the best ways to keep people from breeding is a combination of current immediate prosperity combined with social anxiety and reduction of hope. By the end of this century the U.S. will have to absorb whatever population lives in Canada. Couple this with the fact that the elite are desirous of Godhood and wish to have most of America as a nature preserve and recreation zone and we see a need for population reduction.
In Gene Wolf’s Shadow of the Torturer, Severian, the torturer, crosses a bridge between two halves of a hundred-million person city, staffed by a division of soldiers and occupied and crossed by millions daily. The commanding officer points out to him that his garb could cause panic, and that panic and other types of popular unrest cannot be tolerated because they cannot be stopped.
This is not strictly true. Massive killing can fix any unrest. However, the self-aware human System of Control and its many genius analysts know that if the Creep State has to resort to massive killing to gain control, that such are the conditions that bring about the tyrant: Napoleon, Stalin, the supreme violent actor who will purge the purgers and wreck the System. So, the puppet masters who yank us meat-puppets on our string do not think in terms of culling or hunting, but of herding. They are wranglers that know that the bulls and even the cows can trample them in a moment of miscalculation and who act judiciously in the application of force. We are the herd and the Creep State are the cowboys. As they seek to reduce us from cow behavior to sheep behavior they run the risk of triggering bull behavior and the ultimate risk that some of us revert to a wild bison-like state. And they run the ultimate risk of overacting to a degree that a supreme violent actor, a Caesar, might rise from the mayhem and cull them, herd them, break them.

Miguel Castillo texts:
“The Kenosha Kid has captured the spotlight. Your piece on that trap today is gold. Hope all is well.”
Miguel, that is a trap the kid walked into. In many municipalities, going into danger to do a legal activity, with the expectation that you will be attacked, and then arming oneself in anticipation of being attacked, is actually construed as intent to do harm. So sick is our society. If this kid gets off, than his salvation will be used as a reason for demos legislation against self-defense or even an executive order making self-defense a hate crime of premeditation.
On another note, the Dominican babes were great, the Columbians scare the T out of me, so how about a Brazilian the next time? As big an ass as can fit in the back seat of that fancy sports car…
Thanks, Brother.

Below Richard Barrett makes an excellent point and is the young man responsible for convincing me that active duty U.S. troops will probably not be used against the American people, but rather contractors from Latin America and the House of Islam. In regards to his comparison below of conservative elite soldiery in American and European service to their counterparts under Islam, I would point out that most American service men do not have levels of religious piety equal to those of their Muslim counterparts. What I think will happen, is that the elite service men driven from American Arms by PC harassment, will then continue to worship their actual god—money—and go into contracting service to the highest bidder, who I do not think will be the Kenosha Kid and his supporters.
That said, I suspect that future Creep State enforcement will be patchy because many of the violent actors on the System’s behalf will harbor a strong resentment for the very system they serve and that they will look the other way and fail to act in some capacity, having more empathy for their enemy than their masters.

12:29 AM (12 hours ago)
Hello James,
Did I call it or what?
I just read your article "No Place For Men: Electric Dan and Bob Prompt the Crackpot on the New Sissy Paradigm" ( .
Germany disbands its Special Forces because it is too Right Wing?
I called in our discussion "Military Awareness: Richard Barrett and James Discuss Military Use in Historical and Future Colonial and Civilian Settings" ( . The Left will not allow any warrior class—no matter how skilled they are—to survive if it is not ideologically loyal!
America's SF and SOF units today are the bedrock of Conservative American Values. If the Left gains unrestrained power, they will not allow those Conservatives constituting their current composition to be left in their units.
There are many people these days asking what a Civil War 2.0 would look like. We can look to the not-so-distant past to see what happens when a Warrior Class is disenfranchised. Look no farther back than Iraq 2003, when the US Coalition Provisional Authority disbanded the Iraqi Army because of its ties to Saddam.
This created a fertile recruiting ground for Al Qaeda and its Baathist Saddamite Overlords operating out of safe-havens in Syria and the Sunni Heartland of Al-Anbar. Many good Americans died because former Iraqi Warriors who could have been co-opted into a new Iraq were not out of ideological zeal to eradicate all vestiges of Baathism.
And that zeal to eradicate Baathism is nothing like the zeal on the Left for eradicating Western Warrior Culture they demonize as racist and oppressive!
Richard Barrett

And finally, Juan Stabone sends an audition on behalf of the logistical team most likely to get the job of transferring assets from the Resistance to the System—meet your quartermaster corps of the future!

"Just walk out technology"
12:15 AM (12 hours ago)
-Juan Stabone

Thank you all for your input.
It cheers me that young men like Richard are seriously examining reality from a positive masculine perspective.
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Miguel     Aug 28, 2020

That is no problem James. Next time you’re on the Beast Coast I’ll deliver you the largest most gostosa bunda linda this side of Ipanema Beach. Thanks for the great writing. Travel safe brother.
James     Aug 28, 2020

Thank you, Miguel!
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