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Maiden Song of a Shithole City
Orange Frog Reports on the Condition of His Changing Hometown
[My comments to this thoughtful assessment of hoodrat advent situation are in brackets.]
OrangeFrog commented on 'All-In-Fighting' Sep-1-2020 7:06 AM UTC
Mr LaFond. I was away (thankfully) from a computer for some days, so have only had time to read your response. It is very well received. Thank you for putting some time in to giving a considered and practical response, you point about visualisation is a very good one, and I think this may be where the challenge lies.
On the topic of the correct mindset, the area in which I live has steadily declined over the years (I have the means to get out sooner rather than later - but you never know) and the lady in my charge still thinks that walking the streets in daylight with earphones in is a good idea. I have only managed to get her to come round to the fact it it isn't very recently - but it is important to me she is aware. It is not quite Baltimore, I am sure, but always best to stay alert.
[A lot of media indoctrination has been devoted to convincing women that they have "the right" to walk about as if they are a high functioning male combatant. Civility and their own sense of being on the right side of society keeps this aristocratic sense that has been injected into Americans through past doctrines of "supremacy" keen in women. It is actually based on the now derided and superseded Cult of Chivalry. For, instinctively, they know—for women are wise in feelings—that at whatever time the assumption of her right to stride as a queen among subjects is reduced, then she falls from queen all the way to slave girl in an instant. For this reason, the more pale frails who are depicted being attacked on video, the better. The male and female lawyers getting charged for crimes for holding guns while their house was being threatened, stuff like that holds hope for an awakening.]
Things I have noted in my current neighbourhood as well as where I grew up:
[What you did here is what I did in 1996 when I started waking up to the process of my extinction. This is an excellent tool.]
1) Far more people.
[Once things get Baltimore Bad, then you will see a sharp reduction in numbers of people, especially of the criminal agave and ebony classes, for they have the sense not to walk around shrouded in the fantasy of rights when the hunt has begun in earnest.]
2) A far more diverse selection of people.
[What ever these diversities are this makes the place more hazardous. But the fact that they are subdivided in a race-based age, means that no uniform social norms can be expected. It is also very unusual for people other than ghosts, to cross racial lines to protect strangers. In that way, yes, I admit to being a functional n!@@#$.]
3) Old style civility no longer considered - loud music played from phones by swaggering groups of teens, spitting and loud cursing is far more frequent in public, abrupt gestures and rudeness as a matter of course.
[Spitting is such a thing in Baltimore, that the concrete around bus stops is the color of dirty gum. This is a process by which people who know that this society was not structured for them and not built by their forefathers, attack it, as they should. When a folk who build a civilization are too lazy to clean its streets, too cowardly to defend it, and hate their own kind so much that they bring in others to replace their least successful persons, then the replacement population is right to turn false pretenses on their head. It is interesting that you used the term chivalry, which I actually believe is the best ethos expressed in human history. Under Christianity chivalry was originally only behavior expected of the elite adult male. Under capitalism chivalry was never regarded as applying to any person not of the aspirational class. So, once the elite have closed their ranks to those most like them and accept diverse members without any behavior stipulations, and have ordered the rest of us into warring camps, Chivalrous notions should logically be the first sentiments to sink beneath the rising tide of savagery.]
4) Increase in homeless and drunks occupying places they never used to.
[This is either because—and is possibly due to both of these factors—the economic plight of local men is turning sour, or, more often, is a sign of pilgrimage to your city, because it is deemed safer, has a better drug supply, has more liberal laws and is regarded as a place filled with easy marks for minor crimes. Baltimore, for instance has very few visible homeless. They either exodus or form a meat wall at one or two locations as Baltimore is so lethal to homeless men. Increased homelessness means your area will get worse one day.]
5) Brazeness of the above in asking 'for a cigarette' or for 'change' - these people, the druggies in particular, will actively accost you.
[This sounds like 1984 Baltimore, right before it got really bad. Interestingly, most Americans—especially liberals—do not see this extortion as aggression, making it ideal entry level predation of a hyper-civil society.]
6) Graffiti and vandalism to public property far more prominent.
[This indicates a new teen demographic either filled with hate for their parents or of an invading group.]
7) Large areas of refuse as well poor upkeep of houses.
[Renters are dumping belongings and home owners are either renting their houses or giving up, or also aging and suffering reduced income. This has been the common state of things in Baltimore since 1990.]
8) Lovely old Victorian era houses now broken up into flats - poorly kept on the outside and leased to groups of males.
[I was one of these males. Working minimum wage as a 50-year-old man afforded no ability to lease a garden apartment. The privilege of renting such purpose-built rentals goes to welfare mothers. Some of these homes rented to males—especially if the males are younger—will be rehab centers and halfway houses from criminals.]
9) Police sirens far more numerous.
[This is the best indication that violence has occurred.]
10) A lot more mask wearing and a more passive face adopted by working and functioning members of the public.
[The submission of a conquered people always brings violence from above, below and the outside. The mask is an indication that things will get more violent. Especially when one considers that in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, masks were often worn between 2015-2020 by ebon warriors to intimidate civilians and police, before 2015 police would demand the thug unmask. Mask culture is directly correlated with the devolution of force projection on behalf and/or under sanction by the System of Control from police formations to deniably unaffiliated private actors.]
Again, thank you for your response - your musings on our current state as well as practical guidance are very helpful.
[This scouting report is the perfect demonstration that you are serious about survival. Orange Frog, good luck with your determination to survive as a thinking human.]
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Zach ChadwellOct 1, 2020

Beautiful prose and so true. Glad I found your site. :)
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