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‘Something Funny Happened Today’
From the Riot Lines 6/30/20 in a Big Eastern City
Of course, you know there is no more rioting going on, hasn’t been ever since the news stopped covering it. It’s now all [redacted biomedical term = Dread Minus] all the time. It’s all political of course.
That is what America thinks, I guess, that there is no more street fighting. But I’m in the battle lines every day. Reality rears its head.
So something funny happened today. There is this Antifa kid—really they are all young and not substantial physical men—who is wearing this new kind of mask, like it is part helmet. It just looks weird. He gets into it with this BLM guy and the BLM guy gives him this wide roundhouse slap that would not hurt you, but is real humiliating. They start going at it, more of less like a girl fight.
Antifa is trying to break it up, but they can’t, because their all weak. Then BLM sees this, that one of their guys is beleaguered by ten of Antifa, and like ten BLM guys get into it and it’s a shit show.
No way are we in a hurry to break this shit up, right. We just watched. The regular cops cheered and jeered at these faggots fighting like girls. But the tactical cops, they started moving off out of there so that they would not get in any trouble for letting these really ridiculous punks try to unsuccessfully hurt each other…
-Anonymous P.D. Beat Officer
The officer had to go off to deal with some police issue and our call ended. One wonders how that scuffle resolved itself. I was disappointed to hear that BLM, at least this squad, was as sissy as Antifa. We live in such a wretched nation that the high authorities must all side with the thugs for the thugs to be able to do thug stuff without being beaten down by marginally effective police combatants. What a devolution! In 2015 Baltimore BLM thugs in their teens straight-up beat the shit out of BPD riot formations. Now BLM thugs in their twenties can’t even beat the shit out of rich Antifa faggots with koolaid hair?
And glaring ominously down from their proud towers, the mayors and governors and Media Priests demand that the police protect those attacking them!
In retrospect, maybe Vietnam was a just American war. Based on the level of fight in American manhood, it seems obvious that with a little help from the Cuban navy that the NVA could have in invaded in 1965 and taken the United States over with a few regiments.
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