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Headed into the Mountains
Will Be Offline from 9/4-8/2020
It’ is already snowing in some portions of these Rocky Mountains and I need to get foraging for the rest of the berries and pull in as many rosehips as possible before it gets too dangerous for this asphalt primate to be hiking around up there. On the bench here tonight in Kamas Valley its down in the 30s already—global warming and all that.
I’ll be putting the finishing touches on The Warr with the Heathen section of American Spartacus.
Thanks for your support in these entertaining times.
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NCSep 3, 2020

Best of luck. I really enjoyed that last pod cast on Moth20C
responds:Sep 7, 2020

It is too smokey up there today.

When it clears I'm headed up to cut a trail across a mountain ridge, a trail that ahs grown in. the berry an rose hip harvest has been good.
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