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Fear and Combat
Why Most Blick and Blew Shootings Occur
© 2020 James LaFond
Most shooting occur because the shooter is afraid.
The shooter may carry a gun because he is fearful.
A shooter may carry a gun because it is his duty, and shoot because he is fearful of having his gun taken away.
A shooter might carry a gun to impose his will on others and become fearful of failure and/or humiliation when he fails to garner submission to his wishes.
I have been the subject of two aimed hand guns and many inferred to be pocked handguns. I will only cover the two aimed handguns.
I was on the #19 bus when a hoodrat fired a pistol at me—I believed it was me as the bus was near empty—from the sidewalk. The entire thing seemed surreal and did not elicit an emotional response from me, feeling like a passing observer as I did.
While waiting for the #10 bus I had a pretty polite man point a small revolver or automatic pistol, all but the barrel concealed by his hand and windbreaker—hell, it was dark and it could have been a toy—and seek money. I experienced fear of being dominated and talked my way out of being the subject of a robbery.
On three occasions I used a bow and arrow and twice air guns to kill animals, and experienced fear of failure and humiliation and of not getting a clean kill—and I did not get a clean kill in any of the three events as I was a poor shot, yet I shot, afraid all the while of doing poorly.
Once, I aimed a loaded 20-guage shotgun at a pack of five hoodrats and immediately experienced extreme fear of failure to impose my will, that will being that they leave the front of my house and stop trying to kill my son. This fear immediately transmogrified into an insane rage…
Most of us think, due to our lack of violent experience and media conditioning, that shootings are the result of cold calculation. The opposite is true in most police shootings. You can hear the extreme fear—of whatever is nagging these pigs—in the voices of the screaming officers on hundreds of youtube videos. I certainly knew fear when that cu’łt PIG put her hand on her gun and started screaming at me four years ago while I was waiting for the #55 bus to Essex.
That a gun-armed person shot another person is more than likely the result of them fearing for their life, or failure to retain their weapon in the face of a stronger or more numerous foe.
Courage is the overcoming of fear, not the lack of it.
The prime sign of fear is running with back turned to the threat. This is not an orderly retreat unless one is sprinting to a fall back firing position. A young fit person stumble-running after a short distance is showing signs of adrenalin poisoning. The act of running from a threat also engenders and creates fear, which is one reason it is a bad idea. With the Kenosha Kid we are told he was calm and cool when he shoot someone trying to light him on fire. But at the point where I saw his actions, his face was wide in terror, his gait was unsteady from adrenaline to the point where he could not hardly run, and he breathed the staggered breath of the terrified. At this point he was physically incapable of combat without a firearm. Down, surrounded, being shot at and about to be disarmed and stomped, he had to shoot, especially since his attackers were somehow unafraid that he would shoot.
Why were they obviously unafraid after seeing him shoot one of their own in the head?
Well, it is hard for criminals to be afraid of someone so obviously terrified.
Most likely, like other animals, the fact that he ran rather than continue firing after he shot the Molotov cocktail server, emboldened these dogs of the Creep State. If he had hosed down more aggressors, they surely would have retreated—but he ran. The military term for this is “breaking.” But, with firearms, you want to be careful not to corner or surround a routing force. The best pursuit method is to offer an avenue of escape to keep up the panic and not serve the ultimatum of the last stand.
There is also the aspect that the PIGs set the Kenosha Kid up, like they had done to other conservative counter protestors in other cities, and that the pursuing allies of the cops—who the cops took great pains to try and save—probably thought the cops would let them kill the Kenosha Kid—being allied forces after all.
This condition takes hold when one runs in fear. It has been noted by many commanders of the past that even elite soldiers who runaway, are difficult to rally back to the attack or even to defense.
So, in the case of a man who has shot another man, we have evidence via the shooting that he was “in fear of is life” which will be the key to his legal defense. Furthermore, the fact that he took a life, in a society in which all life is sacred and the only excuse for taking it is state sanction or fear for your own life, the shooter would be doubly in fear, for his immediate safety at the hands of his attackers and for vengeance from the state which could take his entire life away.
I remember, after I hacked up a man who was harming my brother, that I did not become afraid until after the act and then ran, sure he would come to shoot me in retaliation.
It is a fact that most soldiers who kill are either terrified or have been driven into a psychopathic state by sustained terror and the action of combat to which they have been trained.
Generally, only 30% of a given mail population is even capable of killing humans unless conditioned by a military system to do so.
Very few police are so conditioned, and the shooters among them will be in the majority afraid at the time of the shooting and in the minority, psychopaths.
Fear might turn to rage.
Fear could result in paralysis, usually among women. A woman will take any self-defense shooting as demonstrating an absence of ear, although the shooter is probably afraid on various levels:
-fear of failing to protect
-fear of harm
-fear of losing face [genesis of many hoodrat shootings]
-fear of losing property
-fear of losing control of the situation [genesis of many police shootings, especially when the target is running away]
-fear of failing to do his sworn duty
-fear of the consequences of his actions, current or pending
-fear of being disarmed
All of these many stripes of fear can swirl into a cascade of action triggers and either drive action or stall an actor in panic. I experience fear of being disarmed anytime I deal with a criminal or a stick fighter who is better than I am by one or more measures.
The two best examples of effective action while in a state of fear, are the early careers of two of the most feared boxers of the 20th century:
-Jack Dempsey had been abused and hunted as a boy and a hobo, riding the rails in fear of rape. He then found himself fighting gigantic Jess Willard and nearly killed him. By the end of Dempsey’s career he became a much cooler fighter, but always fought with fear of domination and once champion, fear of failure to dominate and came raging out of the corner like an animal.
-Mike Tyson was also a fearful fighter. As a boy he had been abused and beaten by older people. As a heavyweight he was smaller than every fighter except for Orlin Norris who he met. When he finally met the fearless Evander Holyfield, a man his own size, he got his ass beat and then bit his way out of humiliation. Again, Tyson would eventually cool down after many ring battles, courageously overcoming his inner fear.
It is a characteristic of the hyper aggressive fighter that he is motivated by an inner fear of failure to dominate or failure of domination. The capable fighter who is afraid is a very dangerous beast. This was certainly the case with the Kenosha Kid, who, despite being so drunk on fear that he could not run any better than a fifty-year-old drunk, maintained the ability to aim and fire his weapon.
Now, the scariest fighter is the psychopath who is a clinical actionist, but he is extremely rare. With enough experience we can train our self to overcome fear, by turning it into anger or urgency and using it as fuel for combat.
But to think that fear has only one expression, and to forget that the person who is competent with a gun and in a state of fear, is extremely dangerous is a mistake.
Ultimately, the Kenosha Kid served the Creep State either as a persecuted example, or if he is acquitted, as a reason to pass more laws against self-defense.
Remember, if the Kenosha Kid would have just stayed in his home and protected it, rather than letting the cops lure him out into an ambush with their NGO allies, he would be infinitely better off, and more importantly, you would be one step further away from having your ability to defend yourself further legislated and acted against.
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Exile     Sep 10, 2020

Kyle was caught on the horns of a dilemma.

Doing the objectively smart thing in a violent situation - confidently standing his ground and methodically and stoically eliminating the opposition in order of ability and willingness to end him - would be depicted in his trial as psychopathy and premeditation.

He came ready to fight, he fought, he won, therefore he must be destroyed.

Our feminized society requires that men (White men, at least) turn their tail and run - which any man knows will merely encourage the orcs to chase - in order to demonstrate their fealty to the Goddess Emasculata Pacifica.

The instructions you gave that young man on-site here about fighting a crowd recently would be much more realistic and useful.

But if we did what was realistic and useful, our women would soon be seething with rage at the blood-price of their actual safety - or ours, of course.
James     Sep 10, 2020

Kyle leapt onto the horns of a dilemma.

He either got flushed out of his home onto the street or he went looking for trouble.

I saw him walk up to the enemy with hands raised and surrender after knocking off some auxiliaries.

Where is that victory?

If that was not the enemy why did they point guns at him, capture him, and render first aid to his attackers?

It looked like the cavalry came to rescue his attackers, not him.

If he would have stayed at his home and gunned down these three home invaders, that would be victory. But he apparently ran from his home without defending it—exactly who was defending his home when he was out playing Batman?

If he is homeless, how does he live on the street with an rifle?

Again, was he flushed from his house, his apartment and then run down?

Why was he out and about in street theater with a long gun?

In the LA riots even Korean employees and blood relatives of Korean store owners guarding private property were removed from armed guard duty by the LA PIG-dee. This has been the rule for decades, that citizens are not allowed to defend the government that takes their money and imposes laws upon them.

A month before Kyle became batman an NYPD PIG got in trouble for using a push to defend themselves. If cops can't use hands against rioters, what made this genius think he could use a gun?

He must believe in some strange sacred document that lies about some mythic fantasy of "rights."

So if the Crips and the Bloods are having a beef and I go out with a gun and try to intervene or help one side, and then I get attacked and clip three Bloods, and the Cripps capture me and lock me up while rendering aid to my attackers—whose victory is that again?

This is nothing new.

Sure, he was set up, having come ready to fight someone else's fight, a battle that someone was ordered not to fight.

It was a trap.

He walked into it.


How does the tiger that kills the goat in the tiger trap and then get's netted and shipped to the zoo, how is that a victory?

This is like you decking another fighter three times in a boxing match and then getting a decision loss while your corner men help stitch up the opponent and calling it a win.

We do not make the rules.

Pretending we do, not only leads to disaster, but can make things much worse when we continue to pretend that our great loss was a victory.

Even if this kid gets off, he has pointed the media and hundreds of small armies and gangs [law enforcement] at every one who looks like him and who owns a semi-auto rifle.

This is a loss for Kyle, for you, for me and for every inmate of this delusional prison who would like to remain fractionally free.
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