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Da Raciss King
A Doctor Dread Tale
Doc had a commotion in the front of his office.
A Dark Kang had arrived two hours late for his appointment and was demanding to be seen immediately.
Doc came out front to quell this down and the Dark Kang looked through him and demanded to see the manager. A Kang of experience will rarely have dealt with a medical or government agent who was not supervised by a woman, either guilty or righteous of hue.
Doc: “I am Doctor [redacted].”
Kang: “You gotta see me, now!”
Doc: “You are two hours late. If you give me 20 minutes I can see you.”
Kang: “I wanna see you boss!”
Doc: “I am the boss. I am a sovereign physician. This is my business, my domain. This is not a republic or a democracy. I am King.”
Kang: “Oh, you a raciss!” [1]
Dock: “No, I am King and you are trespassing in my domain. There are 30 orthopedic surgeons within three miles. None of them will see you without an appointment. I am willing to see you if you cooperate.”
Doc takes up the narrative, “At this point I’m thinking, ‘It’s on, I’m going to have to put this guy down in front of customers and staff and I can’t have that. This is my business. But he backs off, accusing me of racism and I go back about my business.”
“So, the next day, I get a call from the referring agency. The caller says, ‘We have a complaint.’
“I say, ‘No you don’t. I know what this is about. You have a false charge logged by Mister [Kang]. He showed up two hours late for his appointment and then demanded to be seen immediately. I told him if he’d give me 20 minutes with the people who had shown up for their appointment on time, that I would see him.’”
“The caller then said, ‘But,’ and I said, ‘But nothing. I am a sovereign physician. If Mister [Kang] writes another thing about me being a racist online I will seek counsel. If you do not desist, I will seek counsel. There is nothing more to say. Please take me off of your referral list.’ “
“Interestingly, the three times I have had aggression problems in my office, were all [Darksome Kangs] insisting that they have special treatment and that I was a racist.”
Ghost man be warned, “inferring the N-word” is already a defacto excuse for violence and murder.
In the future, failure to kneel, to your Dark Gods, failure to avert your gaze from their baleful majesty, failure to give up your seat and go to the back of the bus, failure to suck ebony cock, failure to apologize for the condition of your birth, failure to whimper in submission before your righteous masters, will all be hate crimes:
-Either defacto excuses for violence against you,
-Governor’s edicts,
-Presidential executive orders,
-Or actual race-based legislation.
If you think that is far-fetched, do recall that it has been law to give government jobs to the Dusky Gods in preference to pale mortals since I was a boy.
Know your place, paleface.
-1. This will be footnoted in future legislation somewhere in this cucked nation, that failure to submit to your Dark Master’s wish is an actual crime of applied racism.
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Bryce SharperSep 13, 2020

More people need to grow a spine like Dr. Dread. Tell them "NO" and that you're going to fight back and to lose your phone number and to stop sending customers like Tyree from Cell Block D your way.

"In the future, failure to kneel, to your Dark Gods, ....will all be hate crimes:"

We're not going to cooperate with this or submit to it. The latest round of Communism will be defeated just like the last round.
responds:Sep 13, 2020

Amen—that is not hard, to not kneel. That's all it takes.
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