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Shamdemic Silver Lining
T-Rex and La Mano Point out the Upside to the Insane Social Tide
Intruder with knife, boy being held: No Portland police response for 1 hour, 36 minutes -
Sep 19, 2020, 5:59 AM (18 hours ago)
This shit is happening so much, the media is obliged to report 1 out of 100 of these types of incidents.

Look, the School shootings, phony Nazis and now defund the PIGs—which I support—have their upsides.
The huge upside to police being relegated to rescuing militants from those they attack and enforcing playground bans and social distancing and having to fight the Koolaid hair brigades, is that I can fucking defend myself and get away long before the PIGs show up to avenge my attackers. Every kid, woman and sissy who must suffer indignity and even death is another hour I have to make my getaway after I am attacked. I hope to see a massive tide of daylight home invasions with little or no police response across the nation.

We've got about 6 months worth of food, our own water, plenty of ammo, and a fairly decent family and community support system - matter of fact, the faux "pandemic" has shown me who I can trust, and who would dime me out to the Stasi if they could, and it's a bit surprising. There are folks that have been my friends for 25 years that I'll never see or talk to again, because this situation has separated the "men" from the "boyz" and there's no hiding it any more .... !

Sir, I have lost friends over this and have seen people who have lost friends through shamdemic brain washing, friends who will no longer socialize for fear of Death, now having a lot more family time, doing family functions rather than getting together with coworkers and fellow hobbyists. We are seeing the comeback of the cousin as a playmate, the uncle as a family pillar and the grandparent as a childcare provider. These are all good things, things we were losing rapidly until the onset of the Dread Minus.
Another upside to shamdemicism is that most public schools are closed, which I think was the Creep State goal behind school shootings to begin with. Sure, it was determined that brainwashing could be more economically achieved trough screen time, because of the trance state it induces. But, the grandparent can now be home to listen to the zoom teacher brainwashing her grandchild and at least counter it as soon as the Oracle Portal goes dark and the priestess of the Pining God is offline.
In Maryland, catholic schools have long been the only choice for ghost children whose parents do not want them beaten, robbed and raped by the Knightly Class. The fact that these parents had to work an extra job to pay tuition and still shouldered the bill for schooling for those animals who preyed on them and theirs, is now lightened a bit, by the fact that—at least in Maryland, where the church lobby resisted shamdemic orthodoxy and remained open—by the fact that their children are getting exponentially better education than zoom students.
Such a shambling edifice of a society as postmodern America is so complex, that every draconian initiative taken by the Master Class against us has both a damaging effect and a positive effect. One, as suggested by La Mano, is that people got to use the Shamdemic as an acid test for associates and for their own preparedness measures.
Being a Prepper is now simply living rationally in the moment.
When the Real Heavy Sit hits the Cosmic fan the boyz will fall and the men will stand.
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Bryce SharperSep 23, 2020

I like what I've seen of the Portland police officers who've been interviewed. The problem is the people and System they serve. If the people and System are good, things are great. If not, they're bad. Portlanders are getting exactly what they voted for, and they have a long history of voting for perverts and scum. The Thin Blue Line was better than they deserved.

I'm of the opinion that Karen the DA is our enemy rather than most cops, but I'm not from Bodymore. Karen will prosecute you for looking the wrong way and an urban yoof trying to rob you or an Antifa zealot threatening to burn your house down. The thing is, Karen the DA is elected. Soros is running his Kevin (Gascon) against a black Karen for DA in Los Angeles. The voters will probably pick whoever has the biggest signs. It's a lose-lose for everyone, but the System really needs to be exposed for what it is: a prison.

I think the Left wants to keep the schools open so they can continue to sexualize children as a means of enslaving the population:

"“There [are] politics in sex,” says Peter Hitchens. “Much of those politics are about the family and the State. The state is increasingly hostile to the strong family, and the strong family is sustained by lifelong marriage and by a pretty stern and puritan attitude towards sexual relations — whereas the strong state benefits in many ways, as does modern commerce and the modern employer, from weak marriages and relaxed sexual relations. There’s also the point that Aldous Huxley makes, which is that we are increasingly going to embrace our own enslavement in the pursuit of pleasure, which [is a point] I believe actually the Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm made … that there is absolutely no congruence in human history between sexual freedom and political freedom. Slaves have always been allowed to copulate. What they haven’t been allowed to do is marry.”

Like you, I think it's good they're closed and I'm hoping the closure is permanent. I think there's a good chance it will be since the Shutdown States are euthanizing their entire tax base (businesses) and will have no money to re-open.

The System can recover from COVID perhaps but I think more calamities are coming. Recall that the Late Bronze Age System collapsed from a multitude of things, not any one thing. Perhaps the same thing is happening now.
responds:Sep 23, 2020

The only cops I ever ran into who were not PIGs were in Western Pennsylvania and Portland. I was truly impressed with the conduct of Portland police. It is no accident they have been targeted.
Whna FgnobarSep 21, 2020

James, that line is why you are the

Bard of Baltimore! Hope you can teach Marcus Casca to write like that!

Also, if the Portland Police "Bureau" had any sense of honor, they would all shoot themselves.
responds:Sep 21, 2020

Thank you.
Don QuotaysSep 20, 2020


I've been telling friends and family that the Wu-flu has been an excellent dry run. Both for one's personal preps and possible reactions by officials and neighbors.

Sadly a real dangerous bug, say killing 1 in 100, people would lose their minds.
responds:Sep 20, 2020

When you are a God any whisper of mortality Is an apocalypse of totality.
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