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Slave over Peasant
The Return of Plantation America and the Vile Promise of the Magna Carta
After the traitor King John, Norman lord of England, abdicated his duty to protect his subjects in favor of creditors, acts of debt slavery and of the enclosure of common lands would proceed steadily for 600 years.
In the 1500s, the elite armed their slaves and set them upon the peasants to drive them off common lands and wall up larger estates. People without lands would then be reduced to beggary, homelessness and orphanage, all of which were felonies, permitting them to be hanged or sold as slaves. Such were the folks that were used to clear and fertilize Plantation America.
After 70 years of slavery in Virginia, some small number of former slaves managed to “creep from poverty” and begin making a living for themselves on small tracts of marginal land. To drive these rednecks, white trash, hillbillies, runaways and vagabonds from the lands where they were no longer enslaved, the elite planters imported Africans at 10 times the cost of Europeans, in order to found a permanent slave class that would out breed and displace the rising peasant class in America. This was the social mechanic that fueled westward expansion in America and has fueled urban flight in modern times, with the elite setting their mind slaves on working class people to drive them from the homes they owned or were purchasing in order to prevent hereditary home ownership among the middle and working classes.
The Middle Class was never anything but a temporary caste. According to the founding principle of this nation, found in Genesis, no man must ascend to mastery over his father’s house, but rather be cast out upon the land, his father’s house reverting to the state or the elite. There is no accident in the fact that modern medicine is now seamlessly interwoven with Law Enforcement and demographic and economic displacement, for medicine in America is only a way to get your house away from your inheritors while you lie dying in its diseased abyss.
In recent years:
Laws against self-defense,
Specific laws against paleface self-defense against Knightly Class attacks
Creep State-directed school shootings,
Unreported police brutality against palefaces,
Hype reporting of police brutality against Knightly Class folks,
Federal operatives posing as radical Right Wing militants,
Shamdemic lockdowns,
Creep State sponsored street violence,
Have brought us to the point where the Middle Class is slated for economic extinction and the working class is slated for death, incarceration and persecution.
The peasants were the middle class of the Middle Ages,
They were displaced by the merchant class and the nobility and their slaves. This increased the slave supply and concentrated more wealth among the elite and merchant class.
The merchant class is no longer the Middle Class. They are the elite, and they, like the aristocratic elite of the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Era will not tolerate a yeoman class. A yeoman class of home owners and small land owners such as the Greek Hoplite, Republican Roman Legionnaire, English Yeoman or American rifleman, are only required when a young nation seeks empire and are then discarded in favor of mercenaries so that the elite can expand their internal holdings.
All aspects of Modern Middle Class and working class life are currently being dismantled systematically. For instance, now that many cities do not permit indoor dining, diners eat on the sidewalks, and are now set upon by bands of militants who, like those who enforced the enclosure acts of the 1400-1700s in England, consist of elite class leaders and armed members of the lowest class, who owe their allegiance to their masters.
Just as historians like Victor Davis Hansen have been lying about the Magna Carta and the Irish Holocaust since these breaches of social contract and crimes against humanity have occurred, our current priestly class will not report the murders of ivory peasants by ebony knights, but only report the deaths of Knightly heroes.
Never dine on a sidewalk, peasant—for the Knight wishes to stride there in his ebon majesty.
Do not try and defend the Commons—for the peasants of old lost every single fight against the Master-Slave-State alliance. The Commons is the Commons because it is indefensible until the elite wall it in and stock it with armed retainers. The Commons can never be yours, peasant.
Peasant, the Constitutions of the United States and the Bill of Rights are, like the Magna Carta, lies. Do not believe in these false documents for their supposed protections will not be extended to you. As the Church and King betrayed the People in 1215, the media and government betray you now.
Note that the only Crusades preached by the Church that were successful—in a lasting sense—were those preached against heretics, not the Saracens. The wytchfinders outnumber us.
The face diaper mandated by our fifty-odd dukes of the Realm is not the only mask you need to survive the MOB and the MACHINE. You need an idea mask. You need to learn to lie or die—for we live in the Garden of the Lie.
Evil is the Law of the Land.
The Devil is our warden.
You have no rights.
You are hated by those above, below and around you for the very shade of your hide.
The policeman is not your friend, not your protector, but your hunter and jailer.
When your attacker is “caught” he will be acquitted.
If you are caught defending yourself, you will be committed to the circus of the insane.
If you are a human being and not a meat-puppet, you are a criminal.
The Zombie Apocalypse is here.
You need to hide, run or use a disguise.
You Are Legend and they are legion…and They Live.
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C8Sep 21, 2020

Powerful Lafondian tractate against the gloaming. Thank you.

Fall of Civilizations series on Youtube is pretty good. I watched Ep 8, on Fall of Sumer, currently watching Ep 2, Collapse of Bronze Age.

90% copper + 10% tin = bronze. This I have learned.

Imagine the slaves sent to mine tin in the Afghan mountains or Cornwall in 2000 BC.

The "Sea Peoples" remain unidentified, who sacked and burned almost every major city of the Eastern Mediterranean c. 1300 BC. Etruscans? Sicilians? Unknown to this day. Only Ramses III successfully ambushed and destroyed one of their fleets, but no one bothered to inscribe in clay just who they were.
responds:Sep 21, 2020

I did a chapter on the Sea Peoples in The First Boxers.

Fascinating subject.
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