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Race War Trench Tale from 1980s Rural Maryland
© 2020 James LaFond
Related to me by “Doordash Dan” on a ride down into Virginia.
There was this racial stuff going on in high school. I wasn’t part of it except I was dating a black girl. She was a real nice girl and I liked her. I didn’t care what color she was. She was sweet to me.
There were these two brothers, two really big black dudes, that jumped me in the bathroom…
They were more tall than they were big, real lanky, like six-five.
I was at the urinal and Julius, the bigger one, shoves me and I pee on my pants and I told him not to do it again.
[Johnson retrieval into pants technique omitted.]
I asked him what this was about, knowing it was about the girl, because she was the best looking girl in school.
He said, “My name is Darrin. I don’t like you having my name,” and he swings this wide looping punch at me. I leaned back and avoided the punch and punched him straight in the nose and it just exploded.
That is when his brother, Alvin ran out of the bathroom.
He swung at me again and I dodged it and I hit him one more time and dropped him. He did not get up and I didn’t beat him on the ground. I told him I didn’t want any trouble.
Oh, I ended up in the principal’s office facing expulsion and his mother is there with the cops trying to get me arrested for assault and saying this was a racial attack. But his brother Alvin told the truth to the cops and there were no charges pressed.
I did not end up taking sides in that racial feud between the white guys and the blacks. It was just like now, with the news media trying to get us to go at each other’s throats because of what some rich people did to somebody else’s parents hundreds of years ago.
I wasn’t getting on board the hate train then, and I’m not doing it now. These fools can all kill each other for all I care. I’m with God, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I’m not going to believe these news people that say I’m evil because what color I was born and that I have to kneel to an earthly god and pray forgiveness to somebody I never hurt.
We’re in for some bad times.
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Don Quotays     Sep 27, 2020

I hate to say it but the 80s were a different country and different people.

Today you'd have to fight them both, and both would blame you for starting it.

Unfortunate, but it's where we are.
    Sep 27, 2020

The most anachronistic thing about this encounter was that the brother did not lie on reflex. Today's hate soldiers are better trained than they once were.

These days, lying is essentially the default setting for half of this nation.
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