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The Sun Has Slept for 32 days
From this Sorry Year Until 2050 and Possibly Beyond an Ice Age Dawns
© 2020 James LaFond
Astrophysicists and climate watchers are making immense amounts of observations around the world, with record September freezes across Europe and North America and Australia, even as the idiot Muricans drool before the Oracle of The Lying God and wring their hands about manmade global warming.
Yo, Human, the Sun is taking a nap.
Yes, no sun spot activity as predicted by the hated Russian scientists, for 32 days. According to the Russians some years in the Eddy Minimum might have no sunspot activity. This effects volcanism among other climate drivers on earth, which is a subordinate body to the Sun. While the elite tell us we are warming the earth the sun is letting it cool. You know, once, when a supermarket manager, I had this retarded parcel pickup employee, who a trouble maker on the crew had talked into believing that he made the decisions, and not this evil motherfucker in the ill-knotted tie. When I finally informed the cart guy that he had not been hired as the store manger, and punctuated this by suspending the liar who was making sport of him, the 300-pound man cried on my shoulder and hugged me.
Manmade global warming cultism is essentially the same thing. But the man in the tie who solves all problems will not be there to sort it out for the people duped into believing the climate is shifting south when its cutting a hard north.
Our initial experiences in this, which I think is the Eddy Minimum and is the 27th on record, suggest that this Grand Solar Minimum is likely to be more severe and longer than the Dalton Minimum, which saw the “Year Without a Summer” in 1816, and is more likely to be as long and severe as the Maunder Minimum, which gave humanity a century of war, plague, genocide, deluge, storm, summer fires [London, 1666] witch burnings [which are a big deal in times of plague and bad harvests] and religious fanaticism as well as the birth of a brand new form of government, hitherto an oddity, called The Nation State in 1648.
This icy hand of Fate seems to be ushering in the Surveillance State.
For a good information clearing house on climate and food production check out Adapt 2030, a youtube channel. Now, the guy places ads for prepper supplies, like long storage foods and so forth.
The Creep State permits him to do this only so they can compile a list of people hoarding food so that it may be collected at the point of a gun.
Don’t buy that stuff.
You will be placed on a watch list.
When you go shopping, just buy a little extra and set it back and use cash until that is abolished.
After cash is outlawed, trade for backup food.
Here is one video on climate cycles, which reminded me that insect plagues were noted during the Bronze Age Collapse in Egypt, the Maunder Minimum in Plantation America in 1675, which saw numerous wars on the American East Coast, and this year on the American East Coast, where once again the 17-year Locust are plying their serrated song, the same locusts that emerged as Maryland, Virginia and New England faced famine and war in 1675. Oh yes, there was a locust plague and floods in Northeast Africa this year—the general neighborhood of Egypt...
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