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September 2020 Word Counts
© 2020 James LaFond
The purpose of this is an attempt to study my writing productivity, so that I might better predict output in the future. Three months of writing a non-fiction book a week really made it hard for me to switch over to fiction. The history writing is compatible with either type of writing. But journalism seems to erode fiction ability. Health conditions are also key to output in all areas, especially fiction, which requires the highest energy.
1: 704, 658, 112, 1,227, 466, 1,046, 699, 323, 476, seizure medicated
2: 220, fever, sinus infection, 155, 838, completed A Science-Haunted World at 21,238 words over 136 pages, 192,
3: sinus infection, fever, rest, eye-seizure
4: fever, eye seizure—medicated, 6-hour hike in the mountains for rose hips
5: 1,084, fever, eye seizure, 761, 1,033
6: 229, 1,184,
7: 1,610, 457, 267,
8: worked on winter storage
9: 880, eye seizure, medicated
10: sinus infection drained into chest, back on antibiotics, 2,169, 314, dizzy, cold sweats, disoriented, tired
11: 1,410, 877, eye seizure, exhausted
12: eye seizure, vertigo, fatigue, 940, 1,566, 1,569, 837
13: 1,174, eye seizure, vertigo, fatigue
14: 1,436, 110, vertigo, fatigue, 982,
15: vertigo, eye seizure, 686, 433, medicated
16: 1,549, 2,118, eye seizure,
17: 811, vertigo, eye seizure, 1,005,
18: 1,053, eye seizure, vertigo, 2,004
19: 534, 877, 363, vertigo
20: 624, 969,
21: severe vertigo,
22: 1,746, 1,040, 212, 887, eye seizure,
23: 393, 377, 525, 386, 807, 616, 660,
24: 1,053, 27, 193, vertigo
25: vertigo, 737, 923, 563,
26: 137, 1,941
27: 249, 979, 685
28: vertigo
29: 578, 307, 756,
30: 588, 1,058, [outlined 7 articles] disorienting vertigo, tremors, nausea, 283
Chapters: 79
Books: 1
Roe Jogan
author's notebook
Thank You Bob
the combat space
riding the nightmare
blue eyed daughter of zeus
supplicant song
Goose     Oct 2, 2020

Dr.Dread, at least, can count on a gradual improvement to his health after the tree injury. You, James, on the other hand, seem to be gradually deteriorating. This is concerning.
    Oct 2, 2020

It feels grim. Woke up down about my health today and made my hated frame chop wood as a kind of revenge...

I am actually training for fight.

Sam J.     Oct 4, 2020

I know how to cure your sinus problems. I used to have severe sinus problems. My whole entire sinus cavity would sometimes be packed. I couldn't breath and it would make difficult to sleep. I used to read Jerry Pournelle's site and he said that a nasal irrigator would work and did for him so I got one. Here's the one you need to get I have used others but this one worked best for me. The netti pots and all that won't give you the pressure you need.

First understand that it will definitely give you temporary relief but to "cure" your sinus problem might take a while of using it every day. I used it at night and after maybe a year and experimenting with different washes my sinus problems were largely cured or at least vastly better. I don't have to use the irrigator but every so often.

Here's how to use it. Leave it on wide open. Don't turn down the volume control because it will just ruin the pump. To regulate the pressure just don't cram the thing all the way up your nostril when you are really stopped up. Let it pump into the nostril from a distance.

When totally stopped up spray into one nostril until it makes a path to the other nostril then you can press it firmly into one nostril and have it run out the other. Swap to the other nostril. When heavily stopped up you may have to run 2 or 3 tanks to eventually clear out the nostrils so you can breath.

While being careful you can spray, it actually pulsates, into one nostril and hold the other closed. This will inflate the inner sinus with the cleaning wash. Be careful as you can over do this. You just have to go slow and you will get the hang of it. When doing this it will fill the inner passages and wash them out.

Sam J.     Oct 4, 2020

The wash. The best thing is distilled water but I used tap water, and shouldn't because they can have bacteria that eats your brain(hey...maybe that's my problem, but I digress). Another cheap way is to get a Pyrex or high temperature bowl and microwave the water for 10 minutes or more, place in air tight jar and cool. Then use. Using water with chlorine in it (tap water) burns a little but it's not so bad. A simple method to get rid of chlorine is to used powdered vitamin C. A pinch will take the chlorine out of a five gallon bucket. Put a pinch or two in a bucket and stir in a circle vigorously. Let sit. If it’s a white five gallon bucket you will see a very small grain in the middle of the bucket. That’s the chlorine precipitated out of the water. Pour off the de-chlorinated water into a new bucket leaving the grain out. Good for you plants too.

Added to the water you need a salt and a buffer of some sort. Here's stuff you can buy.

You can use regular sea salt and sodium bicarbonate(baking soda) to save money.

Now I found that adding in some disinfectants made a big difference and I think it is what eventually cured my bad sinus problems. I believe that what is happening is some sort of bacteria or yeast or some other such nasty parasite gets wedged up into the nasal cavities and finding a nice moist place it can hang out moves in and irritates the shit out of the nasal cavities. The nose, not caring to be irritated, tries to flush the thing out with serious nasal drip which just encourages the damn bacteria. I think it likely if I would have come up with adding the anti-bacteria stuff earlier I would have cured myself much faster. Here's what I used.

1. 1/2 teaspoon Regular salt or sea salt

2. 1/4 to 1/2 tea. baking soda

2a. You could just use the store bought packets for nasal wash instead of above two things.

3. A good splash maybe 1/2 to 1 teaspoon H2O2 or drug store Hydrogen peroxide 3%. Start low and see if it burns too bad.

4. About five drops of Lugol's Iodine (2%) Solution

Warm the water slightly. Add the extra ingredients and make sure the salt and stuff dissolves so it won't ruin the pump as it's plastic. With the device on pump back into the tank at it's rear so it mixes good and disinfects all the water. Then wash out your nose.

I haven't commented in while because I think I annoyed you with my general acerbic demeanor and ranting about the Jews. I sure haven't changed my mind about them. In fact looking at what's going on it's just one big replay of what happened in Germany. Anyways I can't stand to see someone suffer so when you could definitely be cured. I know this works and will give you great relief. I think it likely it will cure your vertigo also. Stopped up sinus can go all the way up in to the ear doing that. (Hence my instructions to stopping up the nostril to push cleaning fluid up into the ear canal and sinus).

Wish you luck and always hope the best for you and yours.
    Oct 4, 2020

Thank you so much, Sam J.

I will try this out.

take care.
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