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‘To Prove I’m Not a Racist,’
‘What Do I Have To Do?’: Mother Interior Reporting from the Theft Coast
© 2020 James LaFond
‘My husband and children and I were at the beach. The police were not a problem, which had been our main worry. The secondary worry is dogs—people bring their pit bulls to the beach. I know carry a knife. [picture looks like a min scuba knife]
‘While we were there and my husband was in the water a group of about ten hipster people showed up. There center of gravity seemed to be an extremely light-skinned black guy with blond dreads. He had a large female pit bull. The dog immediately zeroed in on my children and tried to come face-to-face with them and I interceded, blocking its way. The man then said, “She just wants to play. She likes the beach too,” as if it’s a child. This thing was huge and did not seem too friendly, more curious, which is really scary considering it could eat a child’s face in seconds. The children are now trained and stayed close to me instead of running. My husband came to the rescue as this man berated me for being a bad dog friend.
‘When my husband got to the beach he interceded and the guy tried to make a fight-worthy event of the situation he had initiated by saying, “Your wife this, your wife that.”
‘Thanks to reading your work I kept my mouth shut. I was not about to get my husband in a fight with ten men and a dog. He squashed it with aplomb and I was impressed.
‘The question that lingered the entire time was, and still remains, what do I have to do to prove I’m not a racist, let my children be bitten?’
-Mother Interior
Well done, Young Lady. It was in your power to let your children get bitten or terrorized or to get your man stomped. You chose the middle road and kept to it.
Pit-bulls are either used by criminals for security, intimidation or fighting. These people are usually careful to keep them from trouble.
Some people keep them as pets.
Most people that keep them as pets use them to impress and intimidate strangers, including setting them on ghost people, as I have experienced.
Most likely, when a pit bull is held by a woman who cannot control it she is trying to impress criminal types of men and is sending out gang bitch signals.
The most dangerous pit bull is now, as described in this situation, the social Justice Dog, assigned all the rights of oppressed humanity to invade the space of ghost folks. These dogs are there to trigger justified mob violence on oppressors of dogs.
The passive aggressive nature of non-criminal pit bull owners guarantees that they will call in the cops if things go against them.
The people who are most careful with their pit bulls are ebony men who walk them on a leash without a second dog and alone. These men, even if marginally criminal, are generally the most responsible owners of pit bulls that can be found and tend to have trained their dog well and demand that it gives right of way to other pedestrians.
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Bryce Sharper     Oct 12, 2020

Who cares what they think of you? You're damned either way.

Pitbulls need to be eradicated. She should've gotten out the knife as the dog approached. She did the right thing blocking its way, but the knife signals the owner that he could lose several thousand bucks in a hurry if he doesn't put the dog back on a leash.

Somewhere in the interior, a golden retriever owner had to stab his neighbor's pitbull that had latched onto his dog's neck. The pitbull owners went and cried to the news and the cops. The cops declined to do anything about it, but this gives you an idea what the owners are like. The "men" are usually passive-aggressive manlets. The women are as James described or clueless white ladies who believe the dogs aren't dangerous. Happily, these dogs attack their own owners half the time.
    Oct 16, 2020

Manlets are the new standard.

I took the train with so many of these from Oakland to Portland I was afraid maybe I'd wake from my nap with estrogen dew clinging to me.
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