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'Property Protection'
Notes on Devolving Law Enforcement
© 2020 James LaFond
Back in August, In Denver, when I spoke with two private security officers, one of whom—the commander of the detail—was also an active duty municipal law officer, about what was going down in American cities, they both insisted that protection of property was their primary mission. I think, that as wealth concentrates over the next few years, and the mob frees up much real estate for the elite, that private and public law officers will be tasked primarily with guarding municipal zones and buildings and gated enclaves, as well as federal property. There will be many tiers of dedicated positional defense and access denial. This happened in Baltimore, after April 2015, with the police retracting deterrence coverage to precinct buildings and a ten square block zone by day, retracted to a 5 square block zone by night, centered around the Central Precinct.
Interestingly, in Utah, "State Troopers" are actually private contractors. Outsourcing, I was told by a local, permits the largely Christian governmental structure to be able to control such things as gang affiliation, tattoos and other extraneous officer behaviors, where SJW activism in government hiring would demand tattooed, gang-bitch, lesbian and thug cops and inflame sensibilities among the conservative tax base.
Offensive policing has favored a 2-to-1 to 20-to-1 force ratio, which evaporates when mobs activate. For instance, Baltimore's 2,000-person police force must content with roughly 200,000 criminals and criminal sympathizers [probably 20,000 active fulltime criminals and 2,000 hard core actors, with 200 shooters] out of a population of 600,000. NYC's 30,000-person force has to deal with almost a million criminal and criminal sympathizers. I see the mob and police as separate and sometimes adversarial tools of the Creep State. Mob hysteria, violence and arson encourage police to defend narrowly defined locations.
Below is a police item of interest sent in by a reader which I have yet to view. I will comment on this below the video link. Most arrests over mob violence by police will be of successful defenders, not mob activists.

Watch "Portland Cop Speaks Out on BLM/Antifa Racism" on YouTube
4:21 PM (7 hours ago)

Of the handful of cities I have resided in, Portland is the only one where the cops were friendly, respectful, used force as a last resort and were not thugs or brutes. It is for this reason, why I think the Portland P.D. has been targeted harder, based on manpower, than even the NYPD. Forcing a paradigm shift to social justice policing in concert with the mob and facility defense of the power structure and elite, is really the only thing that makes sense here. This obviously stems from white elitism, this idea that people of color are helpless without their white shepherd, is entirely liberal, leftist and a legacy of our plantation roots. Recall that Africans were first brought here by whites to displace, replace and impoverish poor European Americans, and this trajectory fits seamlessly into the arc of The Greatest Lie Ever Sold.
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Bryce Sharper     Oct 12, 2020

I don't get the point of "protecting property." It's obvious that Baltimore is never going to be turned back around. Look at Detroit, which is becoming prairie again. There's no way to make money off of property if people aren't safe and stores can't operate. Look at NYC, for example, where yoof are plundering upscale stores in SoHo. In Portland, most of the businesses will permanently close after the COVID shutdowns and riots.

Portland is getting exactly what it voted for. It's not TPTB who are doing this. Every liberal white is doing it to themselves. The kids of my liberal NorCal neighbors moved to Portland and drive down every once in awhile with COEXIST bumper stickers all over their car. They're getting the policing they voted for.
    Oct 16, 2020

The MCs at Denver Union Station stressed to me the sacrality of property as the centerpiece of their mission.
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