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Pain beyond Pain
A Talk with My Validator, My Friend, My Mentor
© 2020 James LaFond
Doctor Dread and I sat in an eatery as his terrible wounds caused him to twist in his seat—comes of getting crushed by a tree. But this was nothing compared to seeing the country he had believed in loyally being ripped apart as well as his medical practice going under.
“For the past three months I’ve lost over a hundred thousand a month. This last month was my best—only lost fifty-nine-thousand. I don’t get paid. But as long as I can pay my staff, I can continue helping people get well. There is nothing more rewarding than having a patient come back to the office and be returned to good health—nothing beats that. That is worth working for free. That is as long as it is appreciated.
“I’ve had many situations where it was not appreciated. We used to do this introduction to combat course for traditional karate, and it was free. My brother and I spent hours waiting at this one school. Nobody showed. Nobody answered. I finally get a hold of the host and he said, ‘Oh, no one signed up, so we cancelled.”
I said, ‘Don’t you think it would have been reasonable to notify us?’
“I once arranged to do a weekend seminar in Delaware for five-hundred, for which the host was going to make a $2000 profit on the condition that he put me up in a hotel. I asked him about the hotel after the first day and he told me he didn’t know if I’d be able to find anything. I slept in the truck and taught the next day and then he asked me to come back again and I said, ‘Look, we arranged for a hotel and that is why the price was so cheap and I had to sleep in my truck. So I will not be back.’
“He kept on denying that we had made an arrangement and there I was, looking down the pussy yap of dishonor. People are really incredibly shitty.
“This is killing me, being so pathetic and busted up after this accident. I took the jet-ski out with my Girl’s nine-year-old boy yesterday and it died. I had no service so couldn’t call in help. I hate technology. One of my patients died because no one on his cul de sac had a land line and couldn’t get service when he went into cardiac arrest.
“Her boy was a good boy, a good man. Kept it together on that dead jet ski. We were a mile out in the Bay and I had to swim back towing that jet ski in this pathetic condition.
[I would have drowned after a half mile.]
“A mile is nothing, and once you get going, towing the jet ski is just swimming.
[The author noted that Doc could still beat the shit out of everyone in the room.]
“Yeah, but there is no honor in that. Look at these people…I shouldn’t talk like that... Have you seen the videos of these Antifa BLM fights…I mean what have we come to when criminals can’t even fight?”
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Shep     Oct 9, 2020

Bravo Zulu.
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