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Empathy in Blue
Considering the Psychological Wake of Municipal Policing
Concerned friends and family on the far political wings and in the addled center have pled with me not to return to Portland.
The people on the left are telling me that Orange Man is sending federal agents to abduct innocent civilians.
On the right people are telling me that AfluentNannyTwittsInsanelyFucking Around and BowelsLingeringasMovement are wiping out residential areas and there is no safe place but beside your gun and the Bill of Rights!
I have been told that business strips near where I live there have been hit by the AfluentNTIFA and BowlelLM and that one agave shopkeeper successfully fought back without making the news.
Most Americans do not realize that federal agents and AfluentNTIFA have been engaging in weird combat around an ICE HQ near Portland City Center since the Orange Man was elected. Both sides tend to leave homeless guys alone. I am a homeless guy and look like a homeless guy. Virtually all homeless guys are paleface losers. These people get treated pretty good by the Portland PD which is the only large municipal police force I know of without a reputation for senseless violence against losers like me. I’m sorry, beating the shit out of white trash does make sense. It is done to facilitate middle class gentrification by making marginal renters like me homeless.
City Central Portland is a place that makes for great street theater and is more cleanly segregated from residential areas than the similar district in Baltimore, Richmond or Philly. The most important thing about Portland is it was literally the safest mid-sized American city until the NGO war on the police and business owners, all three of which can go to hell as far as I’m concerned: cucks, fucks and shmucks.
It is interesting, that the safest large cities, New York and Seattle and the safest mid-size city, being Portland, Portland having the nicest cops I have ever run into, are the focus of NGO attacks on police. Despite my hatred for American police, I feel some empathy for the cucks in blue here. The police forces being attacked should be New Orleans, Chicongo and Baltimore. However, those cops are in the business of DOING EVIL, and that makes them allies of the NGOs, which are in the business of doing complimentary evil.
For instance, NGOs and cops both burn buildings and attack citizens in order to drive down real estate prices for Real One Percent speculators and social engineers. With the PIGs in Baltimore doing exactly what the NGOs in NYC and Portland are doing, what is the point in sending your thug mercenaries and rich brats to burn Baltimore?
That said, my empathy for the thugs in blue who have bullied me for over 40 years is limited, when one considers what they represent, an abdication of manhood. Look, if you let 30 ironworkers loose in Portland and sent the cops home the NGO mobs would get there asses kicked. The cops ultimately exist to keep us stupid Americans from protecting ourselves and our communities.
I hope Portland is burning when I get off the train at City Center in election season. It will be a sight to see.
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Juan StaboneOctober 18, 2020 7:05 PM UTC

The beatings will continue until morale improves:
responds:October 20, 2020 3:04 PM UTC

Happy news Juan. The cops have been real hands off here in Portland.
Juan StaboneOctober 17, 2020 2:00 PM UTC

responds:October 18, 2020 4:26 AM UTC

If the officer's name is Hibachi, its perfect...