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Seven Infantile Commandments
Brewhon Tron and the Crackpot Discuss Guilt Cultism and Portland
Oct 19, 2020, 10:11 PM (17 hours ago)
Are you back in Portland?
Here is a parallel list for your Recovering Privilege article.
A checklist for aping the ruling class, as it were. Not that you'll be allowed to join.
1. You must continually demand that the rest of the world repent for having Victimized you, or having failed to prevent your Victimhood.
2. You must denounce and punish any person who refuses to recognize the unique Victimhood of your people.
3. You must coerce a white woman into sex with an African-American man (but only after you and your fellow Victims have had your way with her).
4. You must not get protein from certain animals.
5. If you are caught working with your hands, or defending yourself physically, you are kicked out of Victimhood. Slander, libel, insinuation, lawfare, and underhanded deliberately malicious financial activity do not count as defending yourself.
6. Non-Victims must kneel to you on command.
7. Others must pay you for the genetic trauma of your Victimhood, at all times. If they do not, you can accuse them of anti-Victim-ism.
-Brewhon Tron

Brewhon, yes I am back in Portland!
I like your list, well, I am jealous of those vast and unreachable privileges that I might never grasp.
Portland is interesting to return to since April.
Of the businesses that I saw board up back then:
These percentages are very rough. But after a week the businesses in trouble when I left seem to split 4 ways.
25% are done, over and out, gone
25% are thriving, having adjusted to the government edicts with success
25% are obviously dying
25% are working from behind boarded up glass or doorways offering no ingress and/or illegally doing stuff on the side and after hours on a private invitation business.
Other Shamdemic developments:
-Hipsters in masks now walk dogs in center of the street for fear of sharing air with other pedestrians.
-There are more BLM signs in Portland, in all ghost neighborhoods, than in all cities I have been to in the past two years combined. As these semi-rich white faggots stand on their porch wearing the Masks of God, they typically watch unmasked Mexican men doing all of their worldly labors—yet somehow Mexican lives do not matter?
-The homeless population has doubled and is more active criminally.
-Shootings are up 20-fold.
-Murders are up double, showing a lot of weak-ass L.A. style Chicongo drive-bye windage.
-Fewer lone Bantus are out hunting marks by night as back in April.
-Police activity, having increase 2-fold from February to April, is back down to normal in this residential area.
-Cops do not mess with you for doing activities in the park, unlike back east.
-Downtown Portland went from the nicest city center I had seen in the Country back in April, to roughly 1985 levels of Baltimore Shithole atmosphere, with homeless camped in front of active businesses, urban flight levels of business failure and foreign cab drivers who are terrified of the drive through town.
Overall, Portland is now much more to my liking.
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LittlebookOct 21, 2020

One might almost think you a plague rat!

The white kind, bearing viruses of mind.
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